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About Us

Learn About Security Defense WeaponsHey, Trent Warner here, owner of SecurityDefenseWeapons.com (SDW), provider of high quality and hand tested self defense weapons, security tools and surveillance systems throughout this great country of ours!

It's an honor that you have stopped by for a visit and we look forward to the opportunity of providing the self defense products and personal security information needed to protect you and your family.

FamilyFamily is priority number one for me, and we here at SDW are a close knit family, who look out for one another. My wife, two daughters and son, along with friends, who are our adopted family, all help to perpetuate our goal of helping as many people as possible avoid becoming a victim.

Ever since I was young, growing up on an Air Force Base, a strong understanding of family values has been instilled in me. And moving around a lot through childhood gives perspective on how important close friends and family really are.

Life’s journey has taken me many places and along the way I have had to deal with bullies and personal attacks. As a result I began my studies into Martial Arts and Self Defense, eventually I began teaching and sharing this knowledge, of “how to protect yourself", with others.

Throughout my life there has existed two main passions, one was in finding ways of increasing my own personal security and then sharing that knowledge with others. The second passion was an affinity for technology, which was passed down to me through my father. Little did I realize that one day I would have an opportunity to blend these passions into a singular focus!

Wedding DayIn 1989, I graduated from a Technical School in Florida, which is also when my wife and I were married. We have been together now for some 30 years. We have three children and 5 grandchildren. After college I worked as a Technician by day, teaching a select student base self defense skills by night and on the weekends.

This continued until the mid-1990’s, when had an opportunity to transition into the security industry, I felt it was an opportunity to blend my two passions into one area of expertise. Unfortunately, this particular security work was very demanding and began to place an enormous strain on the family dynamics. So, in 1997, it was time to go back to separating my two passions.

I had been dabbling in the internet off and on for a while and as the internet began to grow, so did a new hobby of mine, web marketing. This new hobby lead me to begin promoting self defense products and information both online and offline. This was mostly accomplished through affiliate marketing, web communities, web properties and through my teaching.

The more I worked with and promoted these personal self defense and security tools, the more I discovered their technical nature, I realized that I had found the singular focus I had been searching for. Both the success and problems I experienced, lead me to the creation of SecurityDefenseWeapons.com and our SDW affiliate program.

These passions have now grown into a great collection of dedicated and knowledgeable experts ready to assist you. Be it via email, our chat service, through social media, over the phone or through our blog. Each member has the same passion I started this journey with, all those years ago. It is extremely important to me that you find what you are looking for in order to increase personal safety and security in your life. Please contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.

Trent Warner Owner of Security Defense Weapons at a Martial Confernce

It's surprising the amount of time that has past, since the first self defense training lesson was received. There was a time when I dismissed these types of tools in lieu of hand to hand type training, but came to an understanding of how important they can be to the every day person and experienced practitioner alike.

Not only am I content in this more open minded approach to self defense, I'm also proud of the opportunity, the “mechanism” that I have created, allowing so many individuals to acquire the personal safety and personal security they desire… that, in many cases, has eluded them for years.

I truly desire YOU to find your way to personal security, NOW, not later, and I have THE products that can help you accomplish this and give you and your family piece of mind!

Below is a video of some of different individuals getting a chance to see

and demo some of the self defense products!