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Best Tactical Pen With Built-in Flashlight - Free Shipping

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What makes this the best tactical pen with flashlight? It has a black ribbed finished aluminum body for easy grip, It has glass breaker on one end and the cap twists off for ball pen writing on the other, comes complete with an LED light for Self-defense and has a pocket clip for easy carry.

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Detailed Description

Which is the best Tactical Pen?

When you combine a tactical pen with a flashlight and throw in a glass breaker, you have truly created the best tactical pen with flashight combo possible. Could you possibly really use this type of personal security and self defense device yourself?

Well, the veracity of your tactical penlight isn't quite as versitile as the movies would have you believe. But these devices are, without a doubt, a great choice for personal self defense.

Best Tactical Self Defense Penlight Combo Features:

  1. Bright 100 lumen LED Flashlight
  2. Tactical Black Screw Cap with Glass Breaking Tip
  3. Ball point pen for writing
  4. Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"
  5. Flashlight requires 1 AAA battery not included

What is a Tactical Pen used for?

Tactical Pen with Flashlight and Glass Breaker Tip

This tactical penlight happens to be a writing tool that's been designed specifically to provide a multi-purpose and usable emergency tool and survival weapon.

The light on this tactical defense pen has a bright 100 lumen flashlight. This end also has a edge that can be used to scraped or jab an attacker, collecting their DNA.

This tactical pens flashlight is recessed still offering you a blunt end which you can use for dedicated strikes or even for exerting control of an assailant by using pressure points.

The blunt end of your tactical pen light assists you in taking control of an unsafe confrontation without having done any lasting physical damage.

The writing end of your tactical pen and flashlight has a pointed lid to really make it an effective writing implement, needless to say, it also causes it to be a potent small self defense weapon.

When used on similar pressure points mentioned previously, it is going to generate intense pain. With greater force, you can use it like a stabbing weapon.

Wielding it together with your thumb on the recessed blunt end will give your blows considerable force, and this sort of action could be debilitating if directed at the body's weakest points (e.g. the neck, eyes or liver).

This tactical pen flashlight is crafted from aluminum and measures 6 1/4″ x 1/2″. The pen's flashlight uses one AAA batteries and features a clip for your pocket.

Are Tactical Pens worth it?

Personally, I believe this is the best tactical pen with flashlight option and is undoubtedly an indispensable component of your survival gear. It provides you with a viable (and unexpected!) strategy to defend yourself in just about any situation.

Talking about unexpectedness, that is probably the tactical pen and self defense flashlight's greatest advantages over almost every other method of legal self-defense tools.

They pass unnoticed through virtually any type of security sweep. Furthermore, they give you a reliable tactical defense tool close at hand (in your pocket, inside your check book, on your tablet or in your backpack) regardless of where you're going or what you're doing.

I'm not the only person within the self defense and survival community that's seen the appeal and usefullness of these tactical self-defense penlights. Tactical pens with lights have grown to be exceptionally popular because of their take-anywhere nature.

I firmly feel that deciding on this tactical pen with glass breaker and flashlight to exchange the normal writing tool within your everyday personal carry is probably the smartest decisions you could potentially make.

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