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  • Discover the Effects of a Stun Gun and Taser

    I recently received an email asking me a direct and interesting questions about what are the effects of a stun gun and Taser. I thought it would benefit everyone and wanted to share it here on the blog.

    Question concerning Taser stun guns: What is the exact effect on the body from the stun gun? In films you will see the victim of the stun gun tense their muscles without making any noises. Is this correct? It’s not very convincing. When hit by a Taser there is pain? And pain causes screaming and noises, right?

    Answer:  Well, I’m not sure why it would matter if someone screamed or not. I would think acquiring the desired result would be more important?  But from my experiences it depends greatly on the individual’s ability to tolerate electric stimulation.

    Stun Guns and Taser do not cause great amounts of pain but instead disrupt the signal from the brain to the body and in the case of the advanced air Taser it causes the muscles to involuntarily contract. They shut down motor function and/or muscular t-wave signals.

    Stun guns and Tasers actually operate a bit different, I have recently posted two articles regarding both stun guns and Taser guns and here are the links:



    It is more likely that someone will not make much noise when a stun gun or Taser are used. This is due to the fact that high voltage, in itself, is not dangerous. One can receive a 25,000-volt shock of static electricity from a doorknob on a dry day without harm, pain and without a large vocal response.

    The physiological and pain effect of electrical shock is determined by the current, its duration, and the power source that produces the shock.

    The typical household current of 110 volts is dangerous because it can pump many amperes of current throughout the body indefinitely thus producing greater pain and thus possibly causing a verbal response.

    By contrast, the ADVANCED TASER power supply consists of 8 AA alkaline 1.5-Volt batteries capable of supplying 26 Watts of electrical power for only a few seconds, so the chance is much greater that the recipient will not have time to react verbally.

    So, whether or not someone will make any noise would depend on many factors. (i.e. there tolerance, where attacked, where they surprised and/or the amount of force used to apply stun (stun guns only).

    Hope this helps answer your questions. If you have any comments, please use the form below and let us know your thoughts or any other questions you may have.

    You can also drop us a line by using our contact form @: https://www.securitydefenseweapons.com/contacts/

    If you are interested in acquiring a stun gun or Taser make sure you check with your local municipalities. Here are a few links to help you with both your general law research and product purchases.


  • Protect Your Home With An Individualized Plan For Home Security

    What level of importance do you place on home security? Protecting your home needs to be a top priority these days, and you may have seen various commercials or advertisements regarding how home security systems have changed with technology. All kinds of upgrades are available, but of course each home is different. There are also things you can do on your own when it comes to home protection. Look closely at your options for home security, and remind yourself of projects that you can take on, too.

    One of the features of a good home security system that comes to mind Security Camera a Good Home Protection Toolis the security camera. Could you use one or more security cameras for your home? This is going to cost a little extra money initially, and it does require maintenance. Still, This is one of the best features when it comes to protecting your home, and the home automation features via mobile technology aren't so bad either.

    What type of locks do you have on your home? One of my friends I've seen own two luxury houses, and each time, the back door locks were flimsy and malfunctioned. Why would you have a lock on your home like that, when it could easily be compromised? Of course, they do have a solid home security system. I'm not getting onto them, but it makes for a great example of how you might realize that the locks for your home could use an upgrade.

    What kind of lighting do you have outside your home? You can get motion detection lights, or you can simply keep your home lit up. Also, you need to consider what you do with your home while you're gone. Home automation was mentioned, and the video surveillance can provide you with a visual while you're out and about running errands in town or even on vacation.

    Do you have good locks on your windows? Are there any other places on your home where your security could easily be breached? Make sure your entire home is protected, and this can mean adding extra sensors on windows and the likes. You're also going to want the best monitoring service, and another thing has yet to be mentioned, the control panel. The control panel you have really does matter, and you do of course want a wireless system these days, right?

  • The Importance of Pepper Spray Training

    Knife AttackAfter someone is mugged or attacked they often start searching for a spray to purchase and begin carrying a self defense pepper spray. While this is an excellent form of personal security, the reality is they must also add some form of pepper spray training and research.

    They may have read about how pepper spray works and that it will give an opponent a burning pain in their eyes and on their skin leaving them temporarily disabled giving you time to get away and find assistance. They realize that defense sprays are non lethal and leaves absolutely no long term harm.

    Although a self defense spray is generally simple to use it is very important to know how to use them in different conditions. There are many great pepper spray resources on the internet, but sometimes seeing it in print helps it to sick in better.

    The Tactical Use of Defense Spray Manual covers facts about defense sprays and how to best use them to bring criminals to their knees. It was written by Doug Lamb whom is a nationally known self defense specialist.

    This pepper spray manual not only trains you how to choose pepper spray, but also how to carry and make use of it. The pepper spray training manual will show you how to use your defense spray against a..

    1. Firearm
    2. Knife
    3. Number of assailants
    4. Intruder in your home
    5. Date rape

    There are so many other things that this defense spray training book Tactical Pepper Spray Manualthat makes it really helpful to every day people looking to increase their personal self defense. I have even showed it to a police officer friend of mine and he said ever pepper spray should be accompany one.

    Another thing you should find out about prior to purchasing your personal defense spray is the laws on its use in different states. Once you are certain that your chosen self defense spray is authorized in your area, you have protected yourself by not disobeying the law.

    I recently had a stories sent to me about someone whom had purchased a pepper spray from our store. They were walking home coming from work and saw a mugging. They ran up to the mugger, blasted them in the face with their pepper spray. The attacker hit the ground and he helped the mugging victim contact the authorities.

    I was pleased that he was able to help someone else using his 18% Wildfire Pepper Spray. He was so proud of this, when he could not even help myself previously against an assailant. If he hadn't learned more about using defense spray this would not have been possible.

  • Self Defense Tips for Women

    There are so many different self defense tips for women available across the internet. I came across the below article and self defense tips for women video. There are some very great tips and ideas. Many of these I have taught to women over the years. Make sure to watch the video and then scroll down. I will break down some of women self defense tips for you.

    NEW YORK (PIX11) – It’s important for women to always be on alert.

    If a stranger grabbed you on the street, would you know how to fight back and get away?

    Gabrielle Rubin, founder of Female Awareness, stopped by the PIX11 Morning News with knowledge and moves you need to know to defend yourself. Read more

    Excellent self defense tips for women in the video. The first thing that is mentioned is that women should carry some sort of self defense tool or personal security device with them.

    Below is the list of women's self defense tools mentioned in the video. I have added a few of my own personal recommendations.

    1. Pepper Spray - In the video she mentioned two very important tips, one was to keep your self defense spray hidden and use it at a distance. Practicing with an inert practice spray will help you be prepared for an attack.
    2. Kubotan - She briefly mentions some of the vital strike points your can use the kubotan for. I personal love this self defense weapon, they can be stylish, inconspicuous and with proper training very effective.
    3. Personal Alarms - The video host mentioned using a personal alarm to startle your attacker, putting it to his ear and using it to draw attention. Some women do not want to carry a weapon. The personal alarm is a great alternative. Use them to create space and draw attention to your situation, all to help you get away fast.

    In the above self defense tips for women video the go over a few situations and possible ways to get out of them. I particularly enjoyed the high heel defense. I have trained many women whom where these types of heels and even had one utilize this type of defense to escape for an attack. The heel broke, but the attacker's foot did too!

    Here is a list of the women's safety tips the video offered:

    1. Don't Walk While Taking on your phone
    2. Consolidate Bags you are Carrying
    3. Carry your Purse on your less dominant hand
    4. Keep your hand free at all times

    Great advice, share these women self defense tips with all the women and girls in your life. Personal safety starts with education and awareness is achieved through self defense training.

  • How a Stun Gun Help Woman Escape a Kidnapper

    I am often asked if a stun gun can really help you in an attack, well in the news story below a woman is kidnapped and uses stun gun to escape.her attacker. So, often the news stories about how stun guns are misused, it is great to hear of one where the victim used a stun gun to get away..

    STOCKTON - A 45-year-old woman attempted to use a stun gun against a kidnapper - and got free of her captor in the process.The victim told police she was walking near the corner of East Hazelton Avenue and Wilson Way at 5:20 a.m. Sunday when a person driving a dark green, two-door convertible with tinted windows parked in front of her.
    She said she was walking to a friend's house. The man got out, walked toward her, grabbed her from behind and forced the victim into his vehicle.
    He then drove her toward a dead end near some railroad tracks
    She had a stun gun and attempted to use it. During a struggle, the victim got out of the car and fled. The man was last seen driving his car south on Sierra Nevada Street and then west on Anderson Street. Read More

    This guy may have said to himself wow this is an easy target, that is until she used her stun gun against him. Now who's laughing. A stun gun can be a very good way to defend yourself. But first you should take time to learn about how a stun gun works and get some training. Also make sure to check stun gun laws to ensure they are legal in your area.

    Stun Master Stun Guns are a good personal security devices to use in a self defense situation they come in both a small stun gun model and a Large stunning model.

  • World's Fastest Opening Knife for Self Defense

    Fastest Opening Knife for self defenseWe are always looking to add new weapons for self defense to our line up and we are currently working on adding what very well be the world's fastest opening knife for self defense on the market.

    The knife video below is a tease, but this product will be available here in just a few weeks. Let us know your thoughts of this small self defense weapon.

    ****UPDATE**** This Fast opening knife for self defense is now available.


    Knife for self defenseA good folding knife is not only a self defense tool, but also a great addition to your survival gear.

    Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page and be kept update on all the new security products and self defense weapons as we add them.

  • What is a Taser C2 Bolt?

    Taser Bolt What is a Taser C2 Bolt? The Taser C2 has been changed and rebranded to the Taser Bolt. Nothing has really changed other than the C2 had several color options.

    Below is a video answering the question what is a Taser C2 and how effective is it. Remember the release of the Taser Bolt has replaced the Taser C2 in name. The video below applies to the Bolt.

  • How to Avoid Being Robbed at the ATM

    Avoid Being Robbed at the ATMAn ATM cash machine is a convenient way to access your money. Life can be hectic and many people simply cannot get to their bank, during banking hours to withdraw money or make a deposit. Many people don't pay attention to what's going on around them when they use a cash machine.

    However, awareness and a little planning are required in order to stay safe. Just because an ATM is available 24/7 does not mean that it is always safe to use it.

    Many people have been robbed at the ATM machine. The robberies generally occur at night between 8 PM and midnight. The robbers are usually done by one person who is typically a male under the age of 25. The robber will often position himself nearby and wait for the victim to approach the machine and take out cash. Most victims are females who are alone.

    Many of the victims claim they did not see the robber approach. The robber would use a gun or claim to have a weapon when they confront the victim and demand their money.

     If you use an ATM machine on a regular basis, here are some ways to keep yourself safe.

    1. Ways to Survive Being Robbed at Gun PointOnly use an ATM machine that is located in a well-lit, high-traffic area. Don't go to remote locations or hidden areas behind a building, pillar or wall.
    2. Make sure the ATM is in view of the public. Look for possible hiding places before you approach the ATM. Are their shrubs or overgrown trees that a person could hide behind? ATM robbers use the power of surprise against their victim and don't want witnesses.
    3. Many robbers like to find an ATM locations that provide a good escape route like near a high-speed thoroughfare or freeway on-ramp.
    4. Choose an ATM that feels and looks safe. This might mean driving a couple of miles out of your way. Try to use the ATM during daylight hours. If you must go after hours, take someone with you, if possible.
    5. When you arrive at the ATM scan the area for suspicious people and hiding places. If you see someone questionable standing nearby or waiting in their car, drive away.
    6. If you approach an ATM on foot, have your access card ready. Memorize your PIN number to prevent loss. After inserting the card and entering your PIN, keep an eye on your surroundings.
    7. Do not accept an offer to help or request help from a person standing near the machine. If anyone suspicious approaches or if the situation seems dangerous, terminate your transaction and leave the area. This may mean you have to run and leave the ATM card in the machine.
    8. If a suspicious person approaches you say "back off" in a loud and firm voice. This may startle the person, which can give you time to flee if needed.
    9. When you get your money from the ATM put it away immediately, remove your card and leave the area. Until you are safely away from the area or are in your car, pay close attention to your surroundings.
    10. The same rules apply when you are using a drive-thru ATM machine. Keep your vehicle in gear and your foot on the brake. Watch your rear and side view mirrors while using the machine. Robbers will often approach from the rear on the driver's side.
    11. If you are facing an armed robber, give them the cash. Do not fight. The cash is not worth getting hurt or killed. After the robber has left, get to a safe area and call the police.

    In order to stay safe when using the ATM, remember these 8 tips:

    1. Avoid ATM RobberiesDon't use an ATM machine if the lights around the machine are broken.
    2. Avoid ATM machines that are near obvious hiding places.
    3. Have your card and PIN number ready, do your transaction and leave quickly.
    4. Do not count your cash in public.
    5. Beware of offers to help from strangers.
    6. Don't fight with the robber or attempt to follow him.
    7. If you carry a self defense device like a personal alarm or hot self defense spray have it in your hand when you walk up to the ATM.
    8. If you've been robbed, drive or walk to a safe place and call the police.
  • Pepper Spray in Action, Attacker Sprayed in the Face!

    Everyone always asks, "Will pepper spray really work?" Can I count on it for self protection? I think if you ask the woman in this video her thoughts, she would say that when her pepper spray went into action it performed just fine..


    As you can see this woman was able to dispatch her would be attacker in a matter of seconds using her pepper spray self defense keychain. It is so awesome when the aggressor gets nailed and the would be victim becomes victorious.

    One suggestion I would give you once you buy your pepper spray is to get some sort of pepper spray training like what is offered via one of our recent blog posts:

    1. How to pepper spray someone
    2. Learn to pepper spray like a Pro
  • Learn How a Personal Taser is Made

    Taser Firing as a Drive Stun GunOur line of Personal Taser are being updated with the new Taser gun units being released by Taser International. We announced the release of the Taser Pulse yesterday and you can look forward to a few more releases this week.

    Since we are focusing so much on this highly effective form of self defense weapon, we thought you all may enjoy watching a video on How Tasers are Made.

    So, lets investigate the workings of how they are manufactured.

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