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Security Defense Weapons Blog – Increasing Personal Safety


  • Teaching Kids Personal Safety is Priority Number One

    Personal safety of our children is a high priority for most of us. I was tooling around the internet the other day and came across this article and decided to share it with all of you. Below is a bit of it...

    Every time local law enforcement releases information that a high-risk predatory offender is moving into our community, questions surface about why that person may be able to be released and what the guidelines are for offenders.

    Fergus Falls presently has 51 predatory offenders in the city limits. According to the Fergus Falls Police Department, this is a low number and has been trending downward. 

    The law allows authorities to notify the public at large in the case of a Level 3 offender, however, only community groups such as schools and day cares are notified when Level 2 offenders move into the area. When Level 1 offenders move to town, only law enforcement is notified, along with victims and witnesses. - Read More

    I have several grandchildren under the age of 7 and the safety of them is always on my mind. At security defense weapons we carry many different types of tools to help keep them safe and even help you keep them safe at home.

  • Women's Self Defense is not an Artifice!

    So, often people discount the benefits of a good self-defense program, but they can offer women and men alike the means to deal with and handle a hostile encounter. Read below for a good article on the subject.

    Self Defense for Women

    Modern self-defense for women is effective not just in giving women tools to stop an assault once it has started but also in empowering women to set effective boundaries that will deter much of what women encounter daily that leads to the fear that the marketers of these gadgets depend on for their bottom line.

    Where should investors put their money? In high-quality, evidence-based, empowering self-defense classes led by women. These classes are expensive to put on, but the results are astounding. -- WP

    I would go a step further than this article and say that the only reason pepper spray or a stun gun fails is due to lack of training, practice, and understanding of the non-lethal weapon in questions. What are your thoughts?

  • Ever wonder what qualifies as a burglary?

    Protect your home before someone breaks in!Have you ever pondered about how a burglary is defined? I was reading a blog online and found this great description that has helped me in my understanding of what we are protecting ourselves from.

    Burglary is defined as unlawful or forcible entry or attempted entry of a residence. This crime usually, but not always, involves theft. The illegal entry may be by force, such as breaking a window or slashing a screen or maybe without force by entering through an unlocked door or an open window.

    As long as the person entering has no legal right to be present in the structure a burglary has occurred. Furthermore, the structure need not be the house itself for a burglary to take place; illegal entry of a garage, shed, or any other structure on the premises also constitutes household burglary.

    If breaking and entering occur in a hotel or vacation residence, it is still classified as a burglary for the household whose member or members were staying there at the time the entry occurred.

    There are four types of burglary:

    1. Completed burglary - A form of burglary in which a person who has no legal right to be present in the structure successfully gains entry to a residence, by use of force, or without force.
    2. Forcible entry - A form of completed burglary in which force is used to gain entry to a residence. Some examples include breaking a window or slashing a screen.
    3. Unlawful entry without force - A form of completed burglary committed by someone having no legal right to be on the premises, even though no force is used.
    4. Attempted forcible entry - A form of burglary in which force is used in an attempt to gain entry.

    Learn More Here

    Here at Security Defense Weapons, we believe it is everyone's right to protect themselves and their families. As such we have a full line of Home Protection Devices and Surveillance products to help in those ends.

  • A Look at Concealable Self Defense Weapons

    Mace Self Defense Pepper Spray in ActionThe first concealable weapon we will talk about today is the mace or pepper spray. This chemical spray renders a attacker unable to see and virtually helpless. The mixture consist of Phenacyl Chloride or "tear gas" dissolved in hydrocarbon solvents, then pressurized into a aerosol spray can. The original formula of CN has been mostly replaced by oleo-resin capsicum. More commonly known as pepper spray. Now most forms of mace use both chemicals and formulate a triple action weapon.

    There are more fatal choices such as a concealed dagger in a pen. Another product is the Munio Designer Key chain, This defense device makes a punch much more damaging. There is also a tactical pen to consider, here is the best tactical pen with flashlight and glass breaker tip, which delivers a nasty blow out of the end of it. The tactical flashlight with strobe is one of the most brutally underestimated products these days. It looks like an ordinary flashlight, but has the same aluminum as an aircraft. This is needles to say its one mean flashlight.

    The cat safety key chain is an amazing new weapon as well. Its shape as a pink cat also doubles as a set of brass knuckles. The two ears atop the key chain make a nasty punch an easy way out of a attack. The "Kubotan key chain stick" is a highly durable metal night stick. this can deliver a powerful blow to any part of the body. Making a attack a bad idea for the owner of one of these.

    The next key chain style of self protection product is the heart attack. It is a closely fitted hard and tough piece of plastic in the shape of a heart. Another wonderful choice is the folding credit card knife. The easy to hide and fatal product is a powerhouse. Once unfolded a blade comes out of that will render a attacker a victim.

    Personal Taser for Self DefenseThe Last on the list of effective weapons for self defense is the taser or stun gun. coming in last on our list it defiantly is not least. Most of them look like a flash light, or other small concealable devices.

    1. One is in the shape of a lipstick tube
    2. Another is in the shape of a cell phone

    The ones with a setting for variable wattage is one of the most widely used. This one makes it much more serious if used on a person. Caution should be used wile handling and using. People with heart conditions can be killed by even a small shock so always exercise safety techniques.

    Depending on the state you live in a concealed weapons permit may be gained. This special permit can be earned by paying a fee, as well as completing a class. The difference between the different size hand gun, or other fatal weapon is depicted by the states discretion. Some states propose that a permit is not needed as long as the weapon is kept hidden at all times. With higher damage ratings, more discretion should be used as well.

    Womens self defenseThe key to self defense is to never go and provoke violence. The use of a weapon should be a last choice and not used if not absolutely necessary. I believe one of the most beneficial weapons is a education of how to protect your self. One does not always need a object, or devise to use to take down an attacker.

    Some teachings in martial arts will due for the more able bodied persons. I happen to be some one trained in the arts of fighting, and self defense techniques. This if properly used and appreciated can give you a sense of self security. Once you train your body and mind to be a very dangerous weapon you will gain a respect for the use of deadly force. therefor rendering it not necessary in most everyday situations. This type of arsenal is not limited to body size or gender. So keep in mind the implications of your actions.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with protection or your self. The justice must be personalty fitted in my opinion. In other words the punishment must fit the crime. Weather you chose mace, stun gun, firearm, or a other self defense device, we can help obtain the right one for you.

  • College Campuses May Allow Small Self Defense Weapons

    College SafetyI am absolutely of the mindset that each individual is and responsible for their own personal security, thus using a self defense weapon should be allowed on a college campus.

    I came across this article stating that the Senate in Georgia is working on a bill that will permit certain small self defense weapons on college campuses.

    I do realize this is a volatile topic, but as long as you are responsible and prepared, carrying a pepper spray or personal taser is your right.

    ATLANTA — For the second day in a row, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would allow students to carry weapons on Georgia college and university campuses.

    The committee approved a bill on Tuesday that would allow the use of electroshock weapons, or stun guns, on college campuses. The move comes a day after the same committee approved a bill that would allow students to carry a concealed firearm on campus if they have a permit.

    Rep. Buzz Brockway, R-Lawrenceville, sponsored the bill, and said the primary goal was to provide another alternative for college students to defend themselves, especially if they do not feel comfortable carrying a gun.

    The language of the bill was changed during the meeting to set further restrictions on who could carry stun guns on college campuses.

    Following discussion, it was decided that anyone 18 and older or any student enrolled in classes at a college or university could carry a stun gun.

    "I think the core of what I wanted to do is still in the bill, so I'm pleased," Brockway said.

    Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, opposed the concealed gun bill and he believes the stun gun bill should set the age limit at 21, saying "these electroshock devices are dangerous and designed to do harm."

    BrockwayCollege self defense kit said the inspiration for the bill came after he visited several college campuses and noticed confusion among students as to what kind of self-defense weapons they could carry, namely pepper spray.

    "In my mind, these are defensive devices," Brockway said.

    "The right to defend yourself is what many consider a natural right."

    The bill could possibly make it to the Senate floor for a vote this week. -- More

    If you are heading off to college or you are sending your child off to college may I recommend the extreme college survival kit to keep you and yours safe and give you some piece of mind.

  • My Everyday Carry Survival Gear List

    What everyday carry survival gear should you carry? I don't always have my bug out bag with me, nor am I always able to carry everything I wish I could. But on my day to day life, you can almost always find me with my wallet, keys and cell phone.

    On my keys you will find a few very useful tools like a kubotan and Munio Designer Self Defense Keychain tool. Of course there are some keys on there too. My cell phone is on my person and loaded with some great survival apps that I have downloaded to the device.

    You will rarely find much cash in my wallet, I do have a few credit cards, which can be used for other things than purchases, should the need arise. You will also always find my favorite tool in there, the survival business card. Get Yours Today on Sale Today for $4.95

    I will, as often as I can, carry a locking pocket knife in my pocket. They are extremely handy, but my line of work often restricts me from carrying a pocket knife of any sort with me. That is why I love the Survival Business card so much! Below is a video of what the survival business card offers...

  • How to Properly Acquire a Taser for Self Defense

    Before you buy a Taser for self defense you should have full awareness of the personal protection product in question. The information will simply raise their level of mastery and personal safety in understanding of its use.

    Taser Firing as a Drive Stun GunAnyone planning to get a self defense Taser gun should find a qualified place to obtain their personal Taser. Most online sites provide tasers for sale. Make sure that a weapon of self-defense is allowed in your state before purchasing one. State stun gun laws are available for reading online.

    In figuring out where to obtain weaponry that has the utility of a Taser verify this type of product is available from the supplier. Examine the specifications and capabilities of the product and make your comparison. A very common form of the Taser is the X26p. Its design is based off of the non-lethal weapon that is aimed at the police Tasers profile and function.

    Tasers use a different method in self-defense technology called electro-muscular disruption (EMD) to prevent an attack perhaps dangerous. This technology has been found to be safer and more effective than guns and other firearms for self-defense.

    Taser BoltTwo darts that are mounted on the cables that reach 15 feet are propelled toward the target. The electric current is then released until finally the quick incapacitation of the attacker happens. This action will result in nonlethal transient immobilization.

    When deciding on where to get a Taser gun that is suitable for non-lethal use the store must make sure you learn the conditions that must be met to own a Taser. A booklet that includes instructions and regulations must also be included in your purchase.

    We Offer all Three with every Order

    Personal Taser for Self DefenseOnly persons who are eligible under state gun law established set of criteria can purchase tasers. Many states prohibit convicted felons and those facing the misuse of personal security weapons from obtaining a Taser gun. People with mental disorders and drug addicts aren't generally able to acquire them either.

    After choosing where to your buy Taser gun for use in self defense personal safety make sure it carries a lifetime warranty. Many stores will give you a free lifetime warranty for each Taser. Some even offer free maintenance and even replacement tasers.

    Security Defense Weapons.com meets all the above requirements.

  • Protect Yourself at College with a Keychain Kubotan

    Several years back one of my nieces friends from college was attacked when she was walking back to her dormitory. As a result of this incident many of of the college girls began looking into self defense devices to protect themselves. My niece carried a keychain kubotan on her key ring.

    As a result I was asked to hold a self defense seminar introducing the college students to self defense tactics and to self defense tools like the kubotan. We explored different keychain self defense weapons, their functionality and how to use different kubotan techniques against an aggressive attacker.

    While there are many different key chain self defense weapons on the market today many of the girls really liked the functionality of the kubotan for self defense. The fact that the kubotans are made of different colored aluminum and formed into pointed or flat cylinders. Along with being large enough to be found in a purse made these tools popular at the seminar.

    Although the look and feel of a kubotan makes them appear less ominous, when compared to many other self defense items. This quickly becomes a major strength of a keychain kubotan. There appearance is that they are harmless and not as intimidating causing the attacker not realize they are a weapon.

    During the kubotan seminar, we explored some of the more effective attacks performed with this weapon, such as how you can target and different pressure point attacks to;

    1. The Groin
    2. The Stomach
    3. The Solar Plexus
    4. The Throat
    5. Parts of the Arm
    6. The Shin
    7. Hit the Hip Bone
    8. The Collarbone
    9. The ankle
    10. All Around the Kneecap

    Using a your kubotan to make a swinging strike to a bony section of the body will surely deter an assailant causing them to rethink their attack. A defense made int this fashion can even break a bone, especially if the force isn't restricted by clothing.

    I also instructed the seminar attendees how swinging attacks are far more effective to hard and bony areas of the body. While, attacks to the more fleshy areas work better for pain compliance techniques when done with pokes or jabs with the tips of the key chain kubotan.

    Most of the college students whom attended the seminar on using the kubotan were taken back by the simplicity self defense weapon. As a result many acquired one for themselves and quickly increased their own personal security. The solid steel kubotan with black spots and the pink camo kutoban were among the favorites that day.

    A kubotan may not be the best choice for every person looking for a self defense device, but those that carry one and get the training to use it for personal defense, do so for a long time.

    In the end whichever defense tool you decide on it is extremely important that you get training on how to make that self defense weapon protect you.

  • Will Pepper Spray Stop a Dog Attack, like the Fatal Attack of a 63 yr old Woman?

    Will Pepper Spray Stop a Dog Attack?

    Don't Let An Aggressive Dog Ruin Your Walk, Carry Muzzle Dog Pepper Spray

    It certainly may have have helped. I am always getting news feeds, looking up crimes and other situations like this fatal dog attack in order to help me better understand the best ways I can assist other in keeping safe by understanding situations like the one below.

    On May 9th, 2013 in the Antelope Valley town of Littlerock, Pamela Devitt was killed in a fatal dog attack. She was 63 years young.

    Here is part of the original fatal dog attack news report:

    "Numerous strays also roam the desert. Residents say Littlerock has become a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. "A car will come down the street at 40 mph, slow down and a door will open," said longtime resident David Cleveland.

    "A dog will be pushed out. It will tumble once or twice and let out a yelp, and then the car will take off." The dogs then head for the desert, where they meet other strays, Cleveland said. "And when you have five to seven of them in a group — that is a very dangerous situation."

    For years, residents in Littlerock and other towns in the High Desert have complained about stray and vicious dogs. Then a woman was fatally mauled by a pack of pit bulls May 9, resulting in murder charges against the dogs' owner this week.

    Now, both residents and Los Angeles County officials are vowing to finally do something about the problem. Neighbors say they carry sticks, rocks and even guns to shoo away the animals. "You just have to do whatever you can to get them away," Carolyn Eslick said. --

    Read More about Fatal Dog Attack

    I must finish this blog by saying, I am very much a dog lover and I have owned a Pit Bull in the past. He was a great dog and never once was aggressive to me, my children nor anyone else.

    Vicious Dog Attack Caught on a Security CameraThat being said, I have always been a responsible dog owner no matter what breed was part of our family. It is the owners or former owners of these dogs whom I blame in vicious and unnecessary fatal dog attack.

    Tragedies like this fatal dog attack are a failure in personal security, I am in no way implying that the victim has any fault in this situation, only that we should learn from it and if one person is saved from a similar fate, maybe this fatal dog attack is not in vain.

    We at Security Defense Weapons continue to strive to help prevent this type of tragedy through;

    1. Safety Awareness
    2. Personal Security Knowledge
    3. Personal Self Defense Training

    I am very sad for the family of this woman and hope this tragedy can somehow prompt others to increase their awareness of the types of personal security situation, by learning ways that will increase survive-ability in such a situation.

    Carrying some dog pepper spray or an electronic dog chaser with you may be just the personal security tools needed to help another person from becoming a victim of this type of brutal attack.

  • How Pepper Shot Pepper Spray is Offering Protection After a Mugging

    Pepper Shot Pepper SpraysI am sometimes thought of as a bit over protective of my friends and family. I am always trying to convince them of the benefits of carrying a small pepper spray like the pepper shot pepper spray models. My motives are very much born out of my concern for each of their personal security and safety. I would never wish any harm to them.

    It just so happened that one night right after having a conversation with a friend they were attacked on a dark street while heading home from a night out. Fortunately they were not hurt, only very shaken up. The event certainly opened their eyes to being prepared during times of danger.

    best self defense pepper spray is the one you useThe next time this occurs they vowed to be ready. The incident and my recommendation for the pepper shot pepper spray had them asking me for one Immediately after being assaulted. Their words were "I would be foolish of me not to possess personal protection like this."

    I had explained to them that pepper sprays leaves an unbearable burning pain in the eyes and also on the skin of the receiver. This pain will disable the target for a few minutes offering sufficient time for the probable victim to get away.

    After they went through the self defense catalog they decided on the 1/2 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray with quick key release keychain as well as locking actuator. It has five one-second bursts of 10% pepper and could spray as much as a distance of 8 feet.

    Carrying Pepper SprayIn addition to the overall burning pain induced a strong pepper spray like pepper shot will bring about other effects. It triggers the bulging of the mucous membrane making it hard to breathe and also causes the inflammation of the blood vessels within the eyes forcing the eyes shut.

    Despite all these effects all pepper sprays are non-lethal devices so no permanent cause harm to is caused. These effects are only short term and will continue for about 20 to 30 minutes.

    They decided on a keychain pepper spray since they could easily add it to their keys to it making sure that it went along with them whenever they left home. Small pepper sprays are light and very easy to carry, so they are really convenient. You can easily hide one giving you the upper hand if attacked.

    My friend has continued to share this story that persuaded them to purchase a self defense weapon. Through my recommendation and the mugging incident my friend encountered we are wishing this to never occur to anyone again.

    This is why I have decided to share with all of you. Find something that appeals to you in order to increase your personal security, obtain it, carry it with you always and practice how it works.

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