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Self Defense for Women

  • How to Properly Acquire a Taser for Self Defense

    Before you buy a Taser for self defense you should have full awareness of the personal protection product in question. The information will simply raise their level of mastery and personal safety in understanding of its use.

    Taser Firing as a Drive Stun GunAnyone planning to get a self defense Taser gun should find a qualified place to obtain their personal Taser. Most online sites provide tasers for sale. Make sure that a weapon of self-defense is allowed in your state before purchasing one. State stun gun laws are available for reading online.

    In figuring out where to obtain weaponry that has the utility of a Taser verify this type of product is available from the supplier. Examine the specifications and capabilities of the product and make your comparison. A very common form of the Taser is the X26p. Its design is based off of the non-lethal weapon that is aimed at the police Tasers profile and function.

    Tasers use a different method in self-defense technology called electro-muscular disruption (EMD) to prevent an attack perhaps dangerous. This technology has been found to be safer and more effective than guns and other firearms for self-defense.

    Taser BoltTwo darts that are mounted on the cables that reach 15 feet are propelled toward the target. The electric current is then released until finally the quick incapacitation of the attacker happens. This action will result in nonlethal transient immobilization.

    When deciding on where to get a Taser gun that is suitable for non-lethal use the store must make sure you learn the conditions that must be met to own a Taser. A booklet that includes instructions and regulations must also be included in your purchase.

    We Offer all Three with every Order

    Personal Taser for Self DefenseOnly persons who are eligible under state gun law established set of criteria can purchase tasers. Many states prohibit convicted felons and those facing the misuse of personal security weapons from obtaining a Taser gun. People with mental disorders and drug addicts aren't generally able to acquire them either.

    After choosing where to your buy Taser gun for use in self defense personal safety make sure it carries a lifetime warranty. Many stores will give you a free lifetime warranty for each Taser. Some even offer free maintenance and even replacement tasers.

    Security Defense Weapons.com meets all the above requirements.

  • Protect Yourself at College with a Keychain Kubotan

    Several years back one of my nieces friends from college was attacked when she was walking back to her dormitory. As a result of this incident many of of the college girls began looking into self defense devices to protect themselves. My niece carried a keychain kubotan on her key ring.

    As a result I was asked to hold a self defense seminar introducing the college students to self defense tactics and to self defense tools like the kubotan. We explored different keychain self defense weapons, their functionality and how to use different kubotan techniques against an aggressive attacker.

    While there are many different key chain self defense weapons on the market today many of the girls really liked the functionality of the kubotan for self defense. The fact that the kubotans are made of different colored aluminum and formed into pointed or flat cylinders. Along with being large enough to be found in a purse made these tools popular at the seminar.

    Although the look and feel of a kubotan makes them appear less ominous, when compared to many other self defense items. This quickly becomes a major strength of a keychain kubotan. There appearance is that they are harmless and not as intimidating causing the attacker not realize they are a weapon.

    During the kubotan seminar, we explored some of the more effective attacks performed with this weapon, such as how you can target and different pressure point attacks to;

    1. The Groin
    2. The Stomach
    3. The Solar Plexus
    4. The Throat
    5. Parts of the Arm
    6. The Shin
    7. Hit the Hip Bone
    8. The Collarbone
    9. The ankle
    10. All Around the Kneecap

    Using a your kubotan to make a swinging strike to a bony section of the body will surely deter an assailant causing them to rethink their attack. A defense made int this fashion can even break a bone, especially if the force isn't restricted by clothing.

    I also instructed the seminar attendees how swinging attacks are far more effective to hard and bony areas of the body. While, attacks to the more fleshy areas work better for pain compliance techniques when done with pokes or jabs with the tips of the key chain kubotan.

    Most of the college students whom attended the seminar on using the kubotan were taken back by the simplicity self defense weapon. As a result many acquired one for themselves and quickly increased their own personal security. The solid steel kubotan with black spots and the pink camo kutoban were among the favorites that day.

    A kubotan may not be the best choice for every person looking for a self defense device, but those that carry one and get the training to use it for personal defense, do so for a long time.

    In the end whichever defense tool you decide on it is extremely important that you get training on how to make that self defense weapon protect you.

  • How Pepper Shot Pepper Spray is Offering Protection After a Mugging

    Pepper Shot Pepper SpraysI am sometimes thought of as a bit over protective of my friends and family. I am always trying to convince them of the benefits of carrying a small pepper spray like the pepper shot pepper spray models. My motives are very much born out of my concern for each of their personal security and safety. I would never wish any harm to them.

    It just so happened that one night right after having a conversation with a friend they were attacked on a dark street while heading home from a night out. Fortunately they were not hurt, only very shaken up. The event certainly opened their eyes to being prepared during times of danger.

    best self defense pepper spray is the one you useThe next time this occurs they vowed to be ready. The incident and my recommendation for the pepper shot pepper spray had them asking me for one Immediately after being assaulted. Their words were "I would be foolish of me not to possess personal protection like this."

    I had explained to them that pepper sprays leaves an unbearable burning pain in the eyes and also on the skin of the receiver. This pain will disable the target for a few minutes offering sufficient time for the probable victim to get away.

    After they went through the self defense catalog they decided on the 1/2 oz. Pepper Shot pepper spray with quick key release keychain as well as locking actuator. It has five one-second bursts of 10% pepper and could spray as much as a distance of 8 feet.

    Carrying Pepper SprayIn addition to the overall burning pain induced a strong pepper spray like pepper shot will bring about other effects. It triggers the bulging of the mucous membrane making it hard to breathe and also causes the inflammation of the blood vessels within the eyes forcing the eyes shut.

    Despite all these effects all pepper sprays are non-lethal devices so no permanent cause harm to is caused. These effects are only short term and will continue for about 20 to 30 minutes.

    They decided on a keychain pepper spray since they could easily add it to their keys to it making sure that it went along with them whenever they left home. Small pepper sprays are light and very easy to carry, so they are really convenient. You can easily hide one giving you the upper hand if attacked.

    My friend has continued to share this story that persuaded them to purchase a self defense weapon. Through my recommendation and the mugging incident my friend encountered we are wishing this to never occur to anyone again.

    This is why I have decided to share with all of you. Find something that appeals to you in order to increase your personal security, obtain it, carry it with you always and practice how it works.

  • Knife vs Pepper Spray

    From time to time I will receive an email asking me what personal self defense skills are required to defend an attack on ones life. Unfortunately, that is some what of a loaded question and many people don't have the time nor desire to acquire the type of hand to hand skills to accomplish this.There is always a risk involved in this type of life and death situation.

    Often it is far more advisable for the average citizen to keep a personal small self defense weapon ready for personal protection. Some training is still needed to keep your personal defense productive, but it doesn't need to be as extensive. A good Pepper spray can be a powerful self defense tool that can fulfill the requirements outlined above.

    I recently had one of the visitors to my warrior training website ask me which pepper spray I recommended. I replied that a pepper spray with a combination of oleoresin capsicum pepper, CN tear gas and a UV dye. Honestly many so called self defense experts have expressed that they feel a triple action self defense sprays are a waste of money or that they try to do to much.

    I disagree and this is why..

    "One of my female students encountered an armed robber and even with her extensive training, it almost cost her life. She was walking home when a man, who appeared to be high on drugs, all of a sudden jumped out, obstructing her path. The street she was on happened to be dimly lit that night.

    The attacker pulled out a knife, demanding her wallet and other personal belongings. She did what I often recommend be the first cause of defense and complied with her attacker. After all it is better to loose a few items than be injured over some stuff.

    The crazy thing was that after she complied with him and much to her surprise, he lunged at at her with his knife. Luckily, her training kicked in and she parry his knife attack, counter struck and was able to get away to call the police.

    The bad thing was she sustained a bad cut on her hand and the bad guy was never caught."

    The next time we meet for self defense training, she frantically told me of how she had survived this very traumatic situation and wanted to know what type of personal security weapon I recommended. We discussed all the different lethal and non lethal options and she was leaning more toward a self defense spray.

    I immediately recommend the Mace Triple action pepper spray as an ideal self defense device to carry with her. Pepper spray solved the concern she had with keeping her distance and her moral desire to not inflict serious harm on the perp. I explained to her how the Mace triple action pepper spray uses OC Pepper combined with CN Tear gas and marked the bad guy with a UV dye. She also liked how it was capable of hitting a target at a range of about 10 feet.

    The Triple Action Pepper Sprays are available in many other types such as the;

    1. 11-gram unit
    2. 17-gram spray with a belt clip
    3. Larger 60 and 120-gram cans

    Self Defense sprays cause a burning sensation when sprayed in face and eyes. They will often cause the eyes to slam shut. These effects are short lived. but it is long enough to give time to flee the danger and call for assistance.

    Since pepper spray is considered a non lethal weapon, mostly due to It's short term effects and the lack of any permanent injuries to the would be attacker. A triple action pepper spray that has OC pepper causes uncontrollable coughing and choking.

    While, the CN tear gas causes profuse tearing, intense burning in the face and disorientation. The UV dye marks the attacker which helps with his identification and capture.

    All these thing makes the Mace Triple Action Defense Spray
    a great choice for your personal security needs.

  • Women calls 911 but No Police are Available to Help

    I came across this article and the 911 call, I must warn you that is is a very disturbing situation and one that has me feeling very bad for the woman whom was assaulted. While, I do believe law enforcement was in caught between a rock and a hard place,

    I would think that something could have been done for the victim? I have daughters and other women in my life that could be in this kind of situation. This makes my heart hurt, but this is one of the main reasons I formed my website in hopes that I could at least help prevent even one of these types of incidents though..

    1. Personal Security Knowledge
    2. Self Defense Training
    3. Personal Self Defense Weapons

    This situations reveals how important women self defense training is and the need to help women protect themselves is great. My hope is that in sharing this with the world will help get the word out about the need to help increase the personal security of women. This is a mission worth pursuing and one I intend to pursue. With all that said here is the article and the call I came across..

    Dispatch tape: "Oregon State Police Police, this is Ray. Hi Ray, this is Deena, Jo-County 911. I have a caller." The Oregon State Police say their primary responsibility isn't responding to 911 calls like this one. It’s traffic safety, patrolling the highways. But in the rural parts of Josephine County, the State Police are often the only law enforcement agents available on the weekends.

    Since the county layoffs, their office in Grants Pass has received about 3 times as many calls as in the past. But it’s a small office. Here's a recording of the state police dispatcher's response to the woman's call for help that day.

    State police tape: "Uh, I don’t have anybody to send out there. You know, obviously, if he comes inside the residence and assaults you, can you ask him to go away? Do you know if he’s intoxicated or anything?” Read More..

    There is no guarantee that a self defense weapon would have altered the outcome of this horrible situation, but it maybe something like self defense pepper spray or even a personal Taser would have at least caused the attacker pause when deciding whether or not to proceed.

    It is a very sad situation and I hope this woman can recover in time. It does reveal the need for self protection in this often violent world.

  • Vicious Home Invasion Video, Learn What You Are Up Against!

    The Vicious home invasion video below is of a woman in New Jersey. The home invasion was caught on a nanny cam and is being used by police to track down the attacker.

    This mom was punched, choked, kicked and thrown down stairs in her suburban home. All while her terrified 3 year old daughter watched. Her infant son was napping upstairs. Fortunately, neither of the children were hurt.

    According to New Jersey Police:

    "At 10:30 a.m. Friday, the suspect kicked down the locked door of a Millburn, N.J., house and assaulted an unsuspecting homeowner."

    "I knew that if I started screaming, my daughter would too, and I was afraid she would get hurt," the victim told News12 N.J. "I took it. I didn't cry the entire time."

    This vicious home invasion video is very hard to watch, but the family want it out there in hopes that this person is caught before this happens to someone else.

    By allowing this home invasion video to go viral this brave woman and her family have embodied our mission statement: " Increasing Personal Security in America one person at a time!"

    While, there may have been many different self defense moves and hundreds of different personal security tools, such as a home self defense kit, that may have ended her nightmare sooner, (Hindsight is always 20/20), she is increasing her safety and that of her community by not allowing the idiot who attacked her to win!

    P.S. I know many will be interested in exploring ways to handle such a situation or have any question about which personal security products are best to to use.

    You are always free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions or concerns you may have concerning home invasion self defense.

  • Keep Protected with a Hidden Stun Gun

    The tale below is one that is becoming all to common in many of cities around the country. It very much drives one the point that personal safety is your responsibility.

    Street Self DefenseWhen Sheryl first moved into her condominium they had recently been constructed and many shoppes lined with streets. Now, some five years later, many of the stores have folded and many of the residents have left sending her building and neighborhood into a state of disarray.

    It is now often unsafe to walk the streets or even to step out of her home without some form of self defense weapon, such as; a taser, stun gun or even a hand gun. Even though things had digressed so badly, Sheryl still decided to acquire a non-lethal stun weapon over a firearm.

    She read online about how stun guns work and discovered that direct contact with one of these stunning unit will cause a sudden release of electricity throughout the body that can cause temporary paralysis, along with confusion. Anyone who is hit loses his capacity to move his muscles and ultimately goes down.

    And since the effects of these less than lethal weapons won't cause permanent injury, they will generally fade in 20 to 30 minutes, she was able to not have the worry she may have had with a hand gun. Besides she realized that this time out for an attacker would afford her a window of opportunity to flee the scene and secure assistance.

    Defend yourself with confidenceWhen Sheryl first began researching stun guns, she realized that voltage is one quantifiable gauge of stun power. A high voltage stun guns will send out a powerful electrical shock on demand and this lead her to the understanding that it could take less hits and fewer seconds to take an bad guy down.

    She was most interested in disguised stun guns due to the fact that they don't appear like a weapon. She reasoned that this may afford her the element of surprise, thus catching the would be thug off guard. Putting him down before he realizes that she wasn't all that helpless. These stun guns in disguise become her little silent partners.

    After much searching and researching she finally decided upon the Hot Shot hidden stun gun. This small stun gun will sit misleadingly on your hip resembling an electronic handheld gadget, keeping it right under the radar of any would be predator. That is right up until it unloads it's 4.5 million volts and takes them down.

    Do as Sheryl and avoid a major mistake by purchasing your own powerful hidden stun gun and keep yourself safe in a rough area. Sheryl keeps hers right close on the detachable stainless steel belt clip that came free along with her Hot Shot Stun Gun, now you can too!

  • Best Pepper Spray for Self Defense

    When considering the best pepper spray for self defense there are several items to consider. In the paragraphs below,, we will investigate several factors, thus revealing how when combined with the percentage of pepper the effectiveness of the pepper spray is more clearly determined.

    1. Mace Self Defense Pepper Spray in ActionChemical Type
    2. Pepper Concentration
    3. Heat Ranking
    4. Carrier Agent
    5. Density of the Spray

    In our recent article 'Why is OC Pepper Spray the Best', I went into great details on the three different chemical types in pepper spray and what makes OC best for self defense. Discovering the best and safest chemical is at the heart of the quest for understanding the best self defense spray.

    Next, we need to understand what the OC pepper concentration is and how it is determined. The percentages by themselves do not allow you enough information to judge effectiveness. Most self defense pepper sprays on the market today are promoted with the following OC pepper concentrations:

    Carrying Pepper Spray


    Understanding heat rating will give you a better grasp on what these percentages actually represent. So, what is Heat rating? Great question! The heat rating of OC pepper spray is derived from hot peppers and their heat is measured in SHU's or Scoville Heat Units.

    When you know the source of the heat in your pepper spray you have a guide to better understanding the heat generating capacity of the best self defense spray. Hot Peppers range from 5,000 SHU's for Jalapenos, around 300,000 SHU's for Habaneros and pure OC has an SHU of around 15 Million.

    It soon becomes clear that a pepper spray with a 10% concentration derived from a Jalapeno is not as potent as a 1% concentration from a Habaneros. Thus, determining the most effective self defense pepper spray is not as straight forward as it may appear.

    Pepper spray is made from hot peppersOC spray formulations can be processed from a hot pepper until they reach a heat rating of over 2,000,000 SHU's. Yet, choosing the SHU rating and percentage of defense sprays does not give you the best indicator of potency.

    The best pepper spray for self defense doesn't have to be the one with the highest percentage. That can only be qualified by knowing what the percentage is based on. For example;

    1. 10% OC Pepper Spray from a Jalapeno has a base SHU of 500
    2. 1% OC Pepper Spray from a Habaneros has an SHU of 3,000

    The OC carrier agent also helps when you consider the best pepper spray. The carrier agent holds OC pepper in the solution and assist in it's dispersal as it releases from a pressurized container.

    The actual carrier and OC formulation is a guarded by each manufacture and is most often for a solvent or an oil. Halon used to be in certain brands, but is now banned due to environmental concerns. Here are some common carrier agents;

    1. Alcohol
    2. Ketone

    HFC-134A is currently one of the best and safest carriers used. It holds the OC in the solution longer, helping break it down into the smallest possible micron-droplets when sprayed out of the best pepper spray container. In the examination of the hottest pepper spray an independent lab group discovered the real SHU of several leading brands.

    Wildfire 18% Pepper Spray - HottestOur 18% Wildfire pepper spray was on the top of that list.

  • How Effective is Pepper Spray at Helping You Feel Safer?

    Recently I was speaking with a friend of mine whom works at a college and she asked me;

    "How effective is pepper spray?" She went on to explain that her college was recently expanded and she was offered a promotion. And although the promotion at the newer campus grounds would cause her to move to a different city. She was excited by the opportunity, grabbed it and moved.

    College SafetyShe contacted me because this was a far more populated location with a somewhat higher incidence of crime and she was felling unsafe in this new town. She told me she had began looking up pepper sprays on the internet and was overwhelmed, but felt that they seemed almost like toys in their itty-bitty key chain holsters.

    "What cute pepper spray things I thought they were." She told me.

    I explained to her that pepper sprays are extremely effective and let her examine a few I had in my inventory. She was very interested and we began thumbing through the different self defense sprays that I offer.

    Mace Self Defense Pepper Spray in ActionI informed her that defense sprays can trigger an acute burning feeling on the skin and in the eyes. This scorching sensation is disabling and will keep the bad guy out of action long enough for you to get away and look for assistance. For that matter, 10% pepper spray will additionally block breathing by irritating the mucous membranes and make the eyes shut by inflaming the veins in them.

    She is such a nice person and was worried that she would permanently damage the attacker, but I assured her that these effects are not permanent and bring about no permanent harm. They simply linger for around 20 to 30 minutes, which should be just enough time for escape.

    She was excited to learn that Pepper spray is really a non-lethal tool for self defense. And it didn't take a lot of convincing once she realized that a small pepper spray is very easy to slide inside a bag, her pockets or to hide in her hand.

    She was relieved that she would have the upper hand and be able to catch an assailant off guard. I also gave her some pointers and showed here how easy it was ton grab a key chain pepper spray extremely quickly and begin spraying for dear life.

    She decided on the 1/2 ounce Pepper Shot because it features..

    1. An injection molded holster
    2. A locking actuator
    3. Quick key release keychain
    4. Contains 5 one-second bursts good for eight feet
    5. And comes in a chose of blue, black, red or pink

    I asked her if her original question of "how effective is pepper spray" was answered and She exclaimed;

    "I now understands enough to let the appearance trick those on the prowl. Little do they realize that inside every cute pepper spray is a formidable self defense weapon effective at leaving grown guys on their knees, crying out of stinting eyes!"

  • How to use Pepper Spray Gun to ease your Fears For Older Parents

    A few months ago, I was conversing with a friend of mine about how pepper spray gun could provide personal protection to his parents. He explained to me how his parents had relocated to the more quiet suburbs, while he and his family had remained behind within the metro area.

    He was concerned that they were seeing less and less of them throughout the year. They did thoroughly enjoy coming up to pay a visit to their grandchildren, but since he and his wife were often swamped with work they rarely returned the favor.

    As his parents began to settled into their calm suburban existence the more they became uneasy within the big city. Ultimately he had come to me to help him teach his folks how to use pepper spray for their personal self defense in an effort to keep them protected during their travels to visit the family and grand kids.

    He knew that self defense sprays produce a severe burning sensation to the skin and eyes which could achieve a debilitating degree of physical pain. In addition he had remember us discussing in a pepper spray class how they..

    1. Obstruct Breathing
    2. Make the Eyes to Tear Up
    3. Cause the Eyes to Slam Shut
    4. Trigger Haywire Coughing and Gagging.

    He knew that since the effects are non lethal and only last a short period of time. His parent would be more receptive, because Pepper Spray effects end in about 15 to 45 minutes without causing any kind of irreversible injury. And while the attacker is on the floor his parents could seize the opportunity to flee and call 911.

    Due to the fact that his parents had never tried using a personal self defense spray before he was wondering if pepper gun spray may be a more foolproof device for them.

    Mace Pepper spray guns have innovated the way that a pepper solution is deployed towards a target. Thus effectively changing the playing field, solving the issues and difficulties posed in using pepper spray for self defense.

    How? To begin with gun style casing suits your natural instinct of where to point and locate the trigger. A gun styled pepper sprays is fashioned in order that you can shoot them nonstop via an aerosol from virtually any compromising position. Such as when the pepper device is upside down.

    He bought each of his parents a Mace pepper gun loaded with an OC cartridge which could release 7 long-range blasts onto an assailant at 25 feet away. Equipped with a trigger-activated LED light for far more precise aiming and it also came with a water test cartridge.

    Once we trained his parents on how to use pepper spray guns to defend themselves, his parents have visited many more times, staying longer. Surprisingly enough his mom insists to do the groceries on her own. Where before her husband or someone else went with her.

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