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Small Stun Gun

  • A Look at Concealable Self Defense Weapons

    Mace Self Defense Pepper Spray in ActionThe first concealable weapon we will talk about today is the mace or pepper spray. This chemical spray renders a attacker unable to see and virtually helpless. The mixture consist of Phenacyl Chloride or "tear gas" dissolved in hydrocarbon solvents, then pressurized into a aerosol spray can. The original formula of CN has been mostly replaced by oleo-resin capsicum. More commonly known as pepper spray. Now most forms of mace use both chemicals and formulate a triple action weapon.

    There are more fatal choices such as a concealed dagger in a pen. Another product is the Munio Designer Key chain, This defense device makes a punch much more damaging. There is also a tactical pen to consider, here is the best tactical pen with flashlight and glass breaker tip, which delivers a nasty blow out of the end of it. The tactical flashlight with strobe is one of the most brutally underestimated products these days. It looks like an ordinary flashlight, but has the same aluminum as an aircraft. This is needles to say its one mean flashlight.

    The cat safety key chain is an amazing new weapon as well. Its shape as a pink cat also doubles as a set of brass knuckles. The two ears atop the key chain make a nasty punch an easy way out of a attack. The "Kubotan key chain stick" is a highly durable metal night stick. this can deliver a powerful blow to any part of the body. Making a attack a bad idea for the owner of one of these.

    The next key chain style of self protection product is the heart attack. It is a closely fitted hard and tough piece of plastic in the shape of a heart. Another wonderful choice is the folding credit card knife. The easy to hide and fatal product is a powerhouse. Once unfolded a blade comes out of that will render a attacker a victim.

    Personal Taser for Self DefenseThe Last on the list of effective weapons for self defense is the taser or stun gun. coming in last on our list it defiantly is not least. Most of them look like a flash light, or other small concealable devices.

    1. One is in the shape of a lipstick tube
    2. Another is in the shape of a cell phone

    The ones with a setting for variable wattage is one of the most widely used. This one makes it much more serious if used on a person. Caution should be used wile handling and using. People with heart conditions can be killed by even a small shock so always exercise safety techniques.

    Depending on the state you live in a concealed weapons permit may be gained. This special permit can be earned by paying a fee, as well as completing a class. The difference between the different size hand gun, or other fatal weapon is depicted by the states discretion. Some states propose that a permit is not needed as long as the weapon is kept hidden at all times. With higher damage ratings, more discretion should be used as well.

    Womens self defenseThe key to self defense is to never go and provoke violence. The use of a weapon should be a last choice and not used if not absolutely necessary. I believe one of the most beneficial weapons is a education of how to protect your self. One does not always need a object, or devise to use to take down an attacker.

    Some teachings in martial arts will due for the more able bodied persons. I happen to be some one trained in the arts of fighting, and self defense techniques. This if properly used and appreciated can give you a sense of self security. Once you train your body and mind to be a very dangerous weapon you will gain a respect for the use of deadly force. therefor rendering it not necessary in most everyday situations. This type of arsenal is not limited to body size or gender. So keep in mind the implications of your actions.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with protection or your self. The justice must be personalty fitted in my opinion. In other words the punishment must fit the crime. Weather you chose mace, stun gun, firearm, or a other self defense device, we can help obtain the right one for you.

  • Keep Protected with a Hidden Stun Gun

    The tale below is one that is becoming all to common in many of cities around the country. It very much drives one the point that personal safety is your responsibility.

    Street Self DefenseWhen Sheryl first moved into her condominium they had recently been constructed and many shoppes lined with streets. Now, some five years later, many of the stores have folded and many of the residents have left sending her building and neighborhood into a state of disarray.

    It is now often unsafe to walk the streets or even to step out of her home without some form of self defense weapon, such as; a taser, stun gun or even a hand gun. Even though things had digressed so badly, Sheryl still decided to acquire a non-lethal stun weapon over a firearm.

    She read online about how stun guns work and discovered that direct contact with one of these stunning unit will cause a sudden release of electricity throughout the body that can cause temporary paralysis, along with confusion. Anyone who is hit loses his capacity to move his muscles and ultimately goes down.

    And since the effects of these less than lethal weapons won't cause permanent injury, they will generally fade in 20 to 30 minutes, she was able to not have the worry she may have had with a hand gun. Besides she realized that this time out for an attacker would afford her a window of opportunity to flee the scene and secure assistance.

    Defend yourself with confidenceWhen Sheryl first began researching stun guns, she realized that voltage is one quantifiable gauge of stun power. A high voltage stun guns will send out a powerful electrical shock on demand and this lead her to the understanding that it could take less hits and fewer seconds to take an bad guy down.

    She was most interested in disguised stun guns due to the fact that they don't appear like a weapon. She reasoned that this may afford her the element of surprise, thus catching the would be thug off guard. Putting him down before he realizes that she wasn't all that helpless. These stun guns in disguise become her little silent partners.

    After much searching and researching she finally decided upon the Hot Shot hidden stun gun. This small stun gun will sit misleadingly on your hip resembling an electronic handheld gadget, keeping it right under the radar of any would be predator. That is right up until it unloads it's 4.5 million volts and takes them down.

    Do as Sheryl and avoid a major mistake by purchasing your own powerful hidden stun gun and keep yourself safe in a rough area. Sheryl keeps hers right close on the detachable stainless steel belt clip that came free along with her Hot Shot Stun Gun, now you can too!

  • How Do Stun Guns Work?

    Let's investigate How Do Stun Guns Work in more detail. Stun guns can actually be classified as part of the energy weapon technology. There are 2 main stun weapon classification in this group:

    1. Traditional stun weapon technology
    2. Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) weapon technology

    We will be concentrating on traditional stun weapon technology in this post. Stun guns have become more and more popular as an effective and easy to use self defense weapon.

    In the following paragraphs, we will examine the appearances, sizes, designs and operation of traditional stun gun weapon technology. Answering the question, Do Stun Guns Work?

    Stun guns are considered to be a less than lethal or non lethal weapon. Meaning that if used properly in the manner they were designed they will not damage or destroy life.

    Exactly How Do Stun Guns Work? Traditional stun weapons operate in a 7-14 Watt range and are designed to interfere with the communication signals within the nervous system of the intended target.

    Stun guns primarily effect the sensory nervous system. Kind of like static on the communication lines between the brain and the body, stun weapon technology interferes with the human command and control systems.

    Can someone fight through a stun gun? There is a very small portion of the population that can tolerate and fight through the electric pulse created by these seven to fourteen watt devices.

    Can a Stun gun kill you?  We often view electricity as a damaging and dangerous force to the human body. This is in part due to our natural inherent fear of lightning or an electrical outlet. But it is not the voltage, but the current or amperage that can maim or even kill you.

    In small doses, electricity is actually harmless. It is, in fact, one of the most essential components in your bodies everyday operation. You use electricity in almost ever function of your body.

    How exactly does a stunning device effect someone? Your brain is consistently sending electrical signals down your nerve cell path ways. This electrical signal tells the nerve cells to release a neurotransmitter communication chemical to the muscles, organs and tissues of your body.

    This is what causes your muscles to contract and expand, sensitive nerve cells in your skin activate, creating a touch sensation, sending signals back to the brain, heart and other organs.

    Again the basic concept behind traditional stun weapon technology is to disrupt the communication system of the body. So, most stun guns produce high-voltage, low-amperage electrical signals.

    In other words this signal or charge carries strong intent behind it, but very little bite. When activated, by pressing the stun gun against the attackers body and depressing the trigger, the high voltage charge passes into the attacker's body.

    Due to the high voltage the charge is able to penetrate through heavy clothing and skin. Unless this high voltage is applied for an extended period of time the charge (around three milli-amps) is not intense enough to damage the attacker's body.

    However, It does introduce confusing information into the nervous system of your attacker. Causing several things to happen:

    The stun charge combines with the electrical signals from the attacker's brain. The random noise of the stun charge is mixed with the electrical signals of the brain, making it very difficult to for the brain to decipher any messages

    Next, the central nervous system's lines of communication are interrupted, causing the brain to have a very hard time telling which muscles to move, causing the attacker to become confused, dazed and unbalanced. It can temporarily produce paralyization.

    As revealed, Stun Guns Work! In some stun weapons a frequency pulse is created by it's generated current, similar to how our own body electrical signals perform. In this case, the current will tell the attacker's muscles to do a great deal of work in a short amount of time.

    Since the signal isn't directing the muscles to work toward any particular movement. The muscles don't do anything, depleting the attacker's energy reserves, which may possibly leave him too weak to move.

    In its most basic design stun weapon technology will incapacitate an attacker by applying electricity to a person's muscles and nerves. Since there are muscles and nerves all over the body, it doesn't particularly matter where you hit an attacker.

    Stun Guns are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, types and voltages and can usually fit in your hand. The length of a stun gun can range from just over 4-inches up to 8-inches in length.

    Traditional Stun weapons generally have an external hard plastic shell with formed finger grips and may have a strap that fits around your wrist. The finger grips and strap are designed to make it more difficult for the attacker to strip the stun gun from your hand.

    On the business end of the stun gun there are two to four metal probes that must come in contact with the attacker in order to be effective. This is why target practice and training is extremely important.

    Many of today's stun guns have gold plated probes. Why? Simply put gold is one of most efficient conductors of electricity. So in an attempt to improve the performance of traditional stun weapon technology, gold or gold plated probes are used in place of other conductors.

    The 2 top outer probes are generally about 2-inches apart and used to make direct contact with the attacker, these two probes are positively and negatively charged electrodes. In order for the current flow a conductor (i.e the attacker) must close the circuit.

    The 2 inner test probes are much closer together, This way when the current can't flow across the outer electrodes, it will flow between the test probes. The electric current leaps between them ionizing air particles, thus producing a spark and crackling noise. This is can be a deterrent to the attacker.

    Many stun weapons have begun to rely on the element of surprise, rather than the deterrent warning of the outer probes. Newer models are disguised as flashlights, cell phones, and some other everyday objects.

    Now that you have a clear understanding that stun guns work. Let's investigate some of the many different types available on the market today.

    There are many different stun weapon design styles to choose from:

    • Slim designs
    • Mini designs
    • Baton stun weapons
    • Trigger Stun Guns
    • Stun guns that look like a Lipstick Case

    Traditional stun weapons can range from 100,000 volts up to a monstrous 625,000 volts. Lately they market has seen and explosion in voltages and now voltages are in the millions. I expect this to continue to climb, but remember it is the amps not the voltage that does the stopping.

    Simply understanding the above answers to the query of these Non lethal weapons are much more effective if you learn to target vital areas of the body. Attacking smaller targets makes it harder to miss the attackers body.

  • How a Stun Gun Help Woman Escape a Kidnapper

    I am often asked if a stun gun can really help you in an attack, well in the news story below a woman is kidnapped and uses stun gun to escape.her attacker. So, often the news stories about how stun guns are misused, it is great to hear of one where the victim used a stun gun to get away..

    STOCKTON - A 45-year-old woman attempted to use a stun gun against a kidnapper - and got free of her captor in the process.The victim told police she was walking near the corner of East Hazelton Avenue and Wilson Way at 5:20 a.m. Sunday when a person driving a dark green, two-door convertible with tinted windows parked in front of her.
    She said she was walking to a friend's house. The man got out, walked toward her, grabbed her from behind and forced the victim into his vehicle.
    He then drove her toward a dead end near some railroad tracks
    She had a stun gun and attempted to use it. During a struggle, the victim got out of the car and fled. The man was last seen driving his car south on Sierra Nevada Street and then west on Anderson Street. Read More

    This guy may have said to himself wow this is an easy target, that is until she used her stun gun against him. Now who's laughing. A stun gun can be a very good way to defend yourself. But first you should take time to learn about how a stun gun works and get some training. Also make sure to check stun gun laws to ensure they are legal in your area.

    Stun Master Stun Guns are a good personal security devices to use in a self defense situation they come in both a small stun gun model and a Large stunning model.

  • Are Stun Guns on their way to being Protected by the 2nd Amendment?

    Defend yourself with confidenceAccording the the U.S. Supreme courts ruling today (see details below) stun guns may very well receive the same protection as firearms under the second amendment of the U.S. constitution.

    The Supreme court ruled unanimously in the favor of a woman from Massachusetts, who had been convicted of carrying a stun gun for protection from a violent person. A restraining order had proved of little help in keeping her safe.

    I personally think it's great that the courts are beginning to recognize the importance of these types of less than lethal small self defense weapons.

    little Guy Stun GunNot everyone is comfortable carrying a firearm and if you are not willing to embrace such a lethal type of self defense, you are better off not having one.

    Firearms are great defense weapons, I have my own, but if you don't train and understand how to properly deploy your weapon, it can become a liability.

    There are times when opening fire to protect yourself can put innocent people at risk. Using a less than lethal self defense weapon like a Personal Taser gun or flashlight stun gun keeps others safe.

    Besides deploying one of these types of stun devices first can give you time to draw your firearm if warranted. I look forward to how this ruling plays out in future months and years.

    Below are some of details concerning the U.S. Supreme Courts Ruling on Stun Guns..

    Shorty Flash light Stun GunThe Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the state’s highest tribunal, said stun guns aren’t the type of weapons protected by the Second Amendment.

    The justices said the state court’s reasoning couldn’t be squared with the landmark 2008 Heller v. District of Columbia decision. The Supreme Court said that, under the Heller ruling, weapons can qualify for Second Amendment protection even if they didn’t have a military use and weren’t in common use when the amendment was enacted.

    “The explanation the Massachusetts court offered for upholding the law contradicts this court’s precedent,” the Supreme Court said.

    Two justices, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, issued a 10-page concurrence that used far more sweeping language, saying the Massachusetts ruling “poses a grave threat to the fundamental right of self-defense.”

    Personal Taser for Self DefenseAlito said Caetano obtained the stun gun only after court-issued restraining orders failed to protect her from the ex-boyfriend.

    “By arming herself, Caetano was able to protect against a physical threat that restraining orders had proved useless to prevent,” Alito wrote. “And, commendably, she did so by using a weapon that posed little, if any, danger of permanently harming either herself or the father of her children.

    Five states, including New York and New Jersey, and more than a dozen cities and towns ban the possession of stun guns, according to Eugene Volokh, a UCLA law professor who filed a brief urging the high court to review the case. He said he was “pleasantly surprised” by the summary reversal.

    “It does seem that the court is willing, at least in certain kinds of cases, to uphold the right to bear arms.” -- Read More

  • Naming the Stun Master Lil Guy Stun Gun

    Slittle Guy Stun GunWhen I blog or send an email out about a new self defense weapon like the stun master Li'L Guy Stun Gun, it often leads into crime statistics and descriptions of an attacker on the ground in pain.

    While this little stun gun will do these things and crime is a real threat. I thought today we would travel on the lighter side and talk about how this particular small self defense weapon got it's name.

    It just so happened that I had received an email from the manufacture of this small self defense product when it first arrived on the market.

    We keep a very close relationship with all the suppliers and manufactures that we offer here at Security Defense Weapons. It allows us to ensure you are getting the very best in your personal security needs.

    Without further adu here is how the Li’L Guy stun gun got it’s name.

    Li'l Guy Stun gun was named after this kitten Above is a picture of Li'l Guy when he was a kitten. He's 14 months old now.

    “We have a Singapura cat. In fact, we have had a Singapura for the past 23 years. Different ones, of course, but always have one in the home.

    We love the breed. They are the smallest cat breed, but have incredible personalities.

    When I was trying to come up with a name for this new stun gun, I made the comment, as I held it in my hand, that it was a little guy.

    Then I looked over at Little Guy and thought about how he was the bravest cat, we've ever had. He's afraid of nothing.

    So, the new stun gun became the Li'L Guy. "

    I was very grateful to the Stun Master Stun Gun manufacture for taking the time to share this little story with us. This is the kind of people they are. They care about their customers a lot.

    They are not only willing to go that extra mile in order to supply us with great, high quality products, they have fun and add personality to each of them.

    This is why I have done business with them for such a long time. They exemplify the same type of business ethics that we always strive to provide to our customers..

    If you are looking to get a small compact stun gun that packs a punch,then the Stun Master Li’L Guy Small Rechargeable Stun Gun is the small self defense weapon that will definitely increase your personal security!

  • Woman Robbed at Knife Point while at the ATM

    We are on a bit of a them the past few blog posts. It started back a few post with the Tips for Avoiding a Robbery at the ATM. As I was preparing that post and researching different items, I came across two different ATM Robberies caught on video.

    They were very different in how both the bad guy and the victim reacted during the attack. In the first video, the perpetrator was very aggressive and sneaking and the victim chose to fight back. You can watch that one by clicking here.

    In this next ATM robbery caught on tape the attacker brandishes a knife making this a very dangerous situation. The victim decides to take a more defensive and compliant approach to surviving her situation. Watch below to see for yourself.

    As was revealed in the above ATM robbery there are different ways to handle such a scenario. This woman again chose to comply, but judging by her stance she was ready to react if the bad decided to become violent.

    Could she have used some pepper spray or a hidden stun gun? Even the noise of a personal alarm may have chased this guy away, but these things would have needed to be deployed at the start, when the bad first walked in or if the situation turned violent.

  • Utilizing a Small Stun Guns In Order To Safeguard Yourself From Peril

    Don't Become a Victim of Crime.. Fight BackVarious degrees of stun gun voltage produce varying results. you will discovered this fact the moment you begin looking for a non-lethal weapon that
    is powerful enough to take an opponent down without producing any long term harm.

    Attacks on innocent individuals is all over the news these days, which had many felling worried and thus compelling them to aquire a handy self-defense product. Many will begin seeking stun weapons on the internet and often their searching brings them to our web site where we offer many differ
    models of these type non lethal weapons.

    It is important to note that it requires fewer shots in order to administer electricity to a target with a high voltage stun gun. The millions of volts being emitted can bring down even the most pain-tolerant opponent. Small stun guns on the other hand are lightweight and very portable no matter  what voltage. They could immobilize any target but those that are low voltage stun guns may need to be repeated several times more.

    Cell Phone Stun Gun for Self DefenseOne item in particular seems to catch the eye of many of our visitors and customer. This item is the disguised stun gun that appears like an ordinary cell phone handheld device which gives it the benefit of the element of surprise.

    No opponent will ever suspect that they'll be jolted by 12 million volts of electricity from a Cell Phone Stun Gun as it will seem like you are simply taking out a cell phone to call for help. It is built with a safety switch and also an illuminated red light which signals you when it is all set to unleash hell on your attacker.

    Catching assailants off guard is far more effective in combating any serious harm which may fall upon any would-be victim. With this one can quickly escape danger and flag for assistance.

    In coming to terms with the possibility of being attacked many have decided to arm themselves quickly using a small self defense weapon that has the power of punch to the gut. So soon after reviewing stun gun voltage many decide that the best one for them is one that can teach my opponent a hard lesson with just a single shot.

  • The Anatomy of an ATM Robbery Caught on Tape

    Avoid ATM RobberiesJust the other day I posted a blog about  "How to avoid being robbed at the ATM." During my research of this topic I watched many different videos online and this one struck me as one we could examine and break down for others to learn from. The woman in this video was very brave and she should have no negativity sent her way.

    The attacker is to blame for taking advantage of another persons good will and generosity. With that said I want to make it clear to everyone. Do not open a door in a closed ATM Room if the other person does not have a key. Do not hold the door for someone, make them get in with their ATM card.

    Take a moment and watch the video below. I'll have some commentary underneath the video of this ATM robbery caught on tape.

    As you noticed in the above video the first mistake is made when the woman lets the guy in the door. He harmlessly stands around waiting for and ATM to open while on the phone (or pretending to be). As he stands there he watches both people, the other guy in the room looks back at him several times. While the woman stays focused on what she is doing.

    As the other man leaves the ATM room the perpetrator watches to make sure he heads away, notice how he doesn't move right towards the other ATM. This is a cue that something is wrong, unfortunately the woman is not staying aware of her surroundings.

    The moment the robber is sure she is alone and unaware, he attacks trying to take her money. She does offer him quite a fight. Fighting back has to be a personal choice and while it can often save you, it does come with it's own risks. But this jerk has already placed her in a risky situation by the way he attacked her.

    I have to say that she is on the Self Defense 101 hand book. She heads for the door as soon as she has the opportunity. If you choose to fight back, make sure that choice has one goal attack until you can safely retreat.

    As was mentioned in the video we do offer a full line of personal security and self defense weapons for you. Be it a pepper shot pepper spray, a Li'l Guy small stun gun, a Taser Pulse or even a pink mini key chain personal alarm.

  • Real Estate Agent Self Defense Awareness a Must

    I came across this article on real estate agent self defense personal safety tips and how some are taking extra precautions in this every increasingly hostile world. I think it is great, a real estate agent is often alone with strangers. Thus making safety and self defense a priority is a must.

    Cherilyn-Boyd-DKFacing safety risks with every showing, local real estate agents are increasingly taking precautions to protect themselves

    After encountering a few unnerving experiences while on the job, Cheryllyn Boyd with RE/MAX Real Estate Group has been practice shooting at the range and has taken several weekend self-defense courses. She is working toward obtaining a concealed carry permit and plans to have a weapon with her at all times, especially when showing remote properties in outlying parishes. Photography by Don Kadair

    Would you agree to meet a stranger at a vacant house as night falls? It sounds like something straight out of a scary movie, but it’s a scenario that plays out daily for real estate agents and brokers.

    Real estate professionals are in the business of showing property to potential customers—both known and unknown. They openly share their contact information with the public and interact with clients in locations with little security, which repeatedly exposes them to potential dangers.

    “Realtors need to arm themselves. I carry mace, two stun guns and a Taser, and I sell them to other Realtors because they also need protection.” —Dana Patureau, owner of Chateau to Geaux Realty and Angels of Self-Defense…

    ...Closer to home, a Leesville man was arrested in December for cyberstalking several agents. The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office received complaints about threats and sexually explicit texts from multiple victims who said the suspect was aware of their vocation and attempted to arrange appointments to meet them in person. – Read More

    As the article stated, “According to the National Association of Realtors 2015 Member Safety Report, 40% of Realtors have experienced a situation that made them fear for their personal safety or safety of their personal information, and 4% have been a victim of an assault, robbery or identity theft while on the job. A number of Realtors have also been murdered while on the job in recent years,”

    Carrying a self-defense pepper spray, a stun device or even a personal Taser are great advice given above. I would just add to make sure you get some training and follow a few simple personal safety tips like those give in this article. Stay safe out there.

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