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Digital Pocket Voice Recorder with MP3 Player

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There are many reasons why conversations may need to be recorded, and using the latest technology will allow users to do so with convenience and speed using the Digital Voice and Telephone Recorder with MP3 Player Function.

SKU: DPR-864


Detailed Description

Why use a Digital Voice Recorder?

With our discounted digital voice recorder you can record phone or room conversations. The digital recordings can be played, replayed and recorded over without a loss in recording quality. These audio recorders have a voice activation feature which saves hours by only recording when sound is detected. This model provides both telephone and room recording. This voice recorder can record up to 864 hours in long play mode. It's simple and easy to use.

Voice Activated Digital Audio Spy Recorder Specifications:

  1. It support 4GB recording capacity and comes complete as both a voice recorder and MP3 music player.
  2. It has 3 recording modes (HQ) High Quality - (LP) Long Play - (SP) Standard Play.
  3. This spy recorder comes standard with an external professional microphone, a high grade Built -in and louder speaker,
  4. Line-in recording, Digital voice recorder function,
  5. Removable flash disk,
  6. Support telephone conversation recording,
  7. Support VOR function, With mp3 player support A-B repeat function,
  8. Can record the date and time when recording start,
  9. Memory: 4GB,
  10. LP: 864hour,
  11. SP: 192hour, One file, the files
  12. can store 99 recording messages,
  13. USB cable: PC Interface USB1.1 FULL Speed,
  14. Key lock function,
  15. S/N (ratio) 90dB,
  16. Power: 1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery x 2,
  17. Weight: About 32g (Except Battery)
  18. Dimensions: 28.2 x 111 x 13.8(mm), Battery life: 17hours

What is Included with this Pocket Recorder?

  1. Manual
  2. USB Transfer Cable
  3. Microphone
  4. Earphones
  5. Software CD
  6. 3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cable
  7. Phone Adapter Kit
  8. Phone Cable

Voice Recorder Questions and Answers

Q: Does it have a place for earphones?

A: Yes it does and it even comes with a free pair of earphones.

Q: How do you set it for voice activated recording? How do you record and does it start automatically?

A: You choose the automatic recording mode from the menu. After that you don't have to do anything, the recorder will start recording automatically when noise is detected. You can even adjust the sensitivity levels to set the sound level at which you would like it to start recording.

Q: 1. How is landline phone recording done?

A: Landline recording is done with the supplied recording kit. You insert a 3.5mm audio cable into the recorder and into a landline hub. Then also insert a phone cable into the landline hub. After that, in settings choose record source as "IN-LINE"

Q: Does it have a sleep timer?

A: Yes it has a sleep timer.

Q: Does it make any noises that could give it away if hidden?

A: It is a silent Quiet machine no one would know that it is recording. I suggest you set up the recorder ahead of time. There is a slide lock to keep from turning it off. Otherwise, no noise.

Q: Does the voice activation feature also stop when noise stops or do you manually stop recording?

A: After a short delay and when no noise is detected It will stop. Voice activation does stop when the voice stops. MIC sensitivity can be adjusted. Background noise could start it up prematurely but this recorder has a feature that dampens background noise. However we suggest you experiment with the settings on this feature to get a feel for how it works (how sensitive it is).

Q: Where is the mic located?

A: The mic is located on the upper part of the recorder.

Q: Can you listen to the files on PC or do you need seperate software?

A: Yep you can listen without additional software on your PC.

Q: Does it have a home telephone input jack?

A: It comes with a complete telephone adaptor kit.

Q: Do you have to use voice activated recording, or can you operate in a manual on/off mode?

A: This voice recorder has two options of recording: Normal - records continuously all voices in the room. And VOR (voice-operated recording) mode - only records when noise is over 40 db, meaning it will record only close to the recorder voices. Choosing VOR mode, the device will record automatically after your press Record. Also, you can use the de-noise function to block out ambient noise for better voice recordings or use the professional external mic included with this unit.

Q: What is the approximate recording range distance? Will it record a loud piano 50-feet away when all else is quiet?

A: Yes the recorder will definitely pick up the sound of a piano at 50 feet away. It will be loud and clear.

Q: Is this digital recorder compatable with my windows 7 PC?

A: Yes it works with Windows 7 platform, including Windows 7 Professional. The computer sees it as another drive once plugged into a USB port.

Q: Can I record the old fashioned way by pressing rec and stop without using voice activation or is the recording by voice activation only?

A: Yes, you can use either Normal mode (old-fashioned) or Voice activation (VOR). To enable the normal mode, please turn off the VOR first in the Recording Settings. To start recording in Normal mode, just press the Rec button, and to save the recording press the Menu button.

Q: Is there a microphone input and can you run line-level input into the microphone input?

A: There is a line slot to plug a mic into. It has a line-in input which works very well. It has an automatic gain control in the settings and a switch to change from line-in to built in microphone. You can use the line-in for an external microphone. One is included with the audio recorder

Q: Once you transfer files to your computer, are those files wiped out of recorder?

A: Once connected, the recorder acts as a flash drive. You can copy-paste files out (leaving a copy in the recorder) or you can cut-paste them (removing them from the recorder).

Q: How large of a file can a single MP3 recording be at 128 kbps if the battery has full life when beginning the recording?

A: A recorder with new batteries can record for about 17 hours. Every two hours it will automatically save the current recording and it will be a 120MB file.

Q: Can you transfer the recordings to a word document?

A: I tried to do this, and It worked. I think that this was more of a Word process. I took a file I made with the recorder, and turned it into a MP3 file and used the insert tool for Word, and it went right in. I enjoy this recorder a lot. Makes a handy note taker for me to listen back when I'm near my computer.

Q: Can the recordings be edited? I want to record my fathers history and there would be a lot of dead time that I would want to edit out.

A: You will not be able to edit the recordings within the recorder. But if you transfer them to your PC then you will be able to edit them.

Q: Is there anyplace to attach a lanyard?

A: There is not a place to attach a lanyard, but it is so compact that it will fit in any pocket.

Q: I have a neighbor problem in my apparent and I want to record their stomping to prove to my apartment office. Can I record with this?

A: Absolutely. It will pick up the noise easily.

Q: Can an SD card or other removable storage be used?

A: Yes, Our unit has a removable flash disk. The memory capacity is 4gb and will provided hundreds of hours of recordings, and you can transfer files to PC by using USB cable once you fill up the memory. It can recorder upto 864 hours and can down load to computer easily.

Q: Does this work with dragon natural speak software?

A: Yes, it works with the software "Dragon".

Q: Can the recorder time stamp each voice activated recording with the date & time?

A: Yes, all you need to do is enter the current time and date in the menu settings. After that all recordings will show time and date during playback of the recording.

Q: Can you add audio files from your computer to the recorder?

A: Yes you can add any files to the recorder. But play back is possible as long as they are in MP3. You can use it as MP3 player. I use it for my music and listen to it on the run.

Q: Can fast forward or rewind while listening to playback on the device? Also how do you delete individual files?

A: Yes, you can fast forward or rewind while listening to playback on the device. This is done by pressing the "up/down" buttons on the side of recorder while playing back the file. To delete a single file, select the file you want to delete and press/hold the "volume" button on the side of recorder.

Q: Will this download to a PC and is it compatible with win 8 or 10?

A: Yes, you can download this to a PC and it is compatible with windows 8 & 10. It easily to download files from this audio recorder to PC of any operation system via USB cable. The computer will recognize the recorders folder, from which you simply need to drag your files to PC.

Q: Can I use this to record landline phone conversations (with adapter)? will it start/stop automatically when the call does?

A: It has the ability to record landline phone conversations and it won't start/stop automatically, to do so, you need to press the Rec button.

Q: Can you take it on airplane?

A: Usually, yes, but sometimes it depends on the rules and restriction of the airlines you travel. Please contact the airlines to make sure of it.

Q: How good is the noise reduction function?

A: I use the device for recording board meetings and it works great. Don't know about large classrooms but I love this recorder. I haven't had to mess with it as the setting it came on has worked great. I leave mine on voice activation and it's in my top pocket all day and picks up what I need it to. On play back it's very clear and not a lot of unneeded noise, I can make out what I need to. It's a great safety net when you want back up to your word. But there are multiple settings for the reduction level.

Q: Does it use batteries?

A: Yes, it uses two 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries

Q: Does this recorder have dictate and conference modes?

A: This recorder has two options of recording and three recording modes (HQ, LP, SP), in normal mode it records continuously all voices in the room. In, VOR (voice-operated recording) mode it only records when noise is over 40 db. Choosing VOR mode, the device will record automatically after your press Record. Use HQ (High Quality Mode) clearest recorder, use the LP (Long Play Mode) to maximize the amount of recordering hours and use the SP (Standard Play Mode) for the best of both.

Q: How many mics can you plug in?

A: It has an internal microphone and comes with a professional external mic.

Q: What are the product dimensions?

A: You could send it to college with your daughter, it nicely fits in small hands. Its Very small and thin. It will fit in a shirt pocker and can lay sideways on the bottom of the pocket. Dimensions: 28.2 x 111 x 13.8(mm)

Q: Does it work with ghosts because I am a paranormal investigator getting new equipment?

A: Oddly enough we have had other investigators purchase it... LOL. Haven't had an and investigators return them. If you wispered very quietly away from the unit, it will pick it up clear as a bell. I would think it would work just fine. We offer you a 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Q: I'm about to purchase this, is the recording real clear?

A: Yes very clear from up to 40 feet away. Here is what other customers have said "I've had it for four months works great." -- "I use it to record classes and I haven't had an issue with the quality of recording." -- "Yes, very clear." We offer you a 100 % Guarantee on all our products.

Q: I want to record my dog's outdoor night time barking not human conversation. Is this the correct device?

A: Yes, its recordings are very clear, this device would be perfect for that. It even give a time stamp for know exactly when the dog is barking.

Q: How quiet is the device when recording? I want to use it in small meeting rooms and don't want to disrupt the sessions.

A: The device is very quiet during a meeting, you will not hear anything. Doesn't make a sound. It is completely silent! It records great, my husband was very impressed when he heard a recording from it. It is a tiny little thing, so very easy to hide if needed.

Q: Does the recorder save the recording automatically if it gets low on power or shuts off?

A: Yes, it saves automatically the recording if it gets low on the power.

Q: Can you connect a phone in line with the recorder?

A: Yes, you can connect a phone in line with the recorder. To record telephone calls kindly follow the steps: 1) Unplug the telephone handset and plug it into the provided telephone adapter. Take the provided short telephone line, plug one end into the telephone adapter and the other end into the back of your phone. Plug the provided 3.5mm audio line into the telephone adapter and plug the other end into the Line-in.

Q: Is it detecable from any one? I want to put it in deferent room to record my employees is it works?

A: Yes, you can leave the device in another room and it will record automatically.

Q: Does it come with a USB cable?

A: Yes it does.

Q: Can I record people talking while it is in my pocket from 10 ft away, and outdoors?

A: Yes, unit very small. The recorder has a very sensitive microphone, so it will record it perfectly.

Q: Does this come with instructions ?

A: Yes, it comes with a manual in the box.

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