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Door and Window Alarms

DIY Window and Door Alarms

Window and Door Alarms To Keep out Intruders

There are a number of different home security options that are available to you these days. Many of those options, such as cameras, stickers, signs and lighting, are only deterrents. It is always very important to remember the main places that burglars can gain entrance into your home. When it comes to the most effective home security solutions, they must effectively monitor your doors and windows.

Installing DIY window and door alarms is one of the more effective ways of preventing access to your house. There are a few very different options available when it comes to security for your windows and doors. You could go with a standalone option that triggers an alarm immediately. Those kinds of systems protect your doors and windows by providing the doors and windows with electrical contacts that send a signal whenever the door or window is opened.

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Why Choose Do It Yourself Window and Door Alarms?

DIY window and door alarms are quite useful in refrigerators, storage units, garages, sliding glass doors, doors, windows, hotels, homes and offices. Magnetic alarms provide all family members with protection. Although these options will cost more than just adding on a window bar or changing your locks, in general, they will also be much more effective. You might want to think about getting a glass break detector if you have any rooms that have multiple windows in them. A larger area will be covered by the detector and whenever a window is shattered the alarm will be triggered. If you leave a window unlocked of course it won't do anything.

How do door and window alarms work?

Windows in Your Home Need Protected, Window Alarms Work Great!

Wireless window and door alarms are very useful accessories to have in hotels, offices and homes. They can be attached to cabinets, storage rooms, refrigerators, garages, windows and doors. The magnetic alarms help keep you alert in terms of protecting your children from any potential harm whenever they are attempting to get out of your house without your knowledge.

As the door is opening, the wireless alarm gives off a continuous beeping noise. When the door closes once again, the sound ends. So if anybody attempts to get into your home, the alarm will make a sound as a warning to help prevent anyone from entering. If you want to be alerted before your child is able to get out the door, you will need alarms to prevent your child from getting out of the house without you knowing about it.

In order to keep your children safely inside your house, you should have a wireless door alarm installed to prevent this danger and risk. After the door has been opened, the alarm continues to sound (until the door is closed again) to inform you that your child is in danger of leaving your home without you knowing about it.
The window and door alarms listed here reverberate at strident and piercing volumes of 100 to 130 db, similar to what is heard at a rock concert. You will need to cover your ears if you are close to the alarm when it goes off due to the very loud noise. The intense sound of the alarm can potentially dissuade an attacker.

How to install door and window alarm?

To use a door alarm, you should attach it to the door using the double-stick tape that it comes with. The two sets shouldn't be more than 1/2 inch apart. The two small arrows need to join. For some doors you might need to rotate both of the items upside down and place the largest piece on the right side. As a safety precaution, it is recommended that you place the alarm on the raised part of the door so that children won't be able to chime the switch.

Protect your Children with Door and Window Alarms

For parents with special needs children, such as children with Down syndrome or autistic kids, wireless alarms can be quite useful. The alarms help by warning you if your child attempts to get out of your home without you knowing about it. In some cases, the piercing sound will dissuade your child from trying to open the door.
A magnetic alarm can help to prevent a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer's disease from getting out your house also. If they attempt to open the door of the house without you knowing about it, the alarm will sound and provide you with a warning or notice. When it is activated, the alarm provides 120 db of continuous sound, which hampers an intruder's entry and alerts the homeowner.

Whatever security options you decide to use on your doors and windows, remember that there are other kinds of accessories and options that are available as well. The most effective options will provide several layers and work in various ways for deterring burglars from selecting your house as a target. The harder it is for a burglar to enter into your house, the less likely he will target it.