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Motion Activated Alarms

Types Of Motion Activated Home Alarms

Protect Your Home with Motion Activated Alarms

Homeowners across the country are worried about the security in their home. This is because the number of burglaries that occur is a lot, and one out of six homes are broken into yearly. Not only that, but the average home burglary yields in around $2,000 worth of goods being stolen, as well as around $2,000 worth of damage to the property.

Advances continue to be made in the home security industry, and one of the most popular advances are motion sensor alarms or motion activated alarms. These types of alarms produces a loud noise when they detect motion in the area they are designed to protect. In fact, these alarms are one of the most popular types of alarms on the market today.

Movement is picked up by a motion sensor alarm and there are various types of motion sensor alarms, but they all do tend to be triggered by echoes from moving objects. The alarms can be used to protect commercial property and residential property. They are used to safeguard both valuables and individuals.

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How Do Motion Sensor Alarms Work?

Nowadays, home motion security systems are in high demand, and this is because more and more consumers are buying alarm systems that are high tech. Other reasons why people want added security includes terrorist activities and the crime rate is increasingly on the rise.

If you want to buy a motion sensor alarm, then you need to know what some of your options are. There are two major types. One type is active and the other type is passive.

Active alarms work by picking up activity from objects that are within the immediate area of the property. The alarm may produce loud sounds and lights to go off when they detect movement. Passive systems only pick up and monitor heat signals, and they do not transmit signals.

These alarms are installed in various areas of a home or business. Some have functions that are completely automated, while others are operated manually. You should learn about the different types of alarm systems, as this will help you determine what device you should buy for your property.

Motion Activated Alarm with Keypad

Motion Sensor Alarm Kit

One of the best types of alarms to get is the Portable Mini Alert motion detector, which you can use for a hotel, home, office or anywhere else that needs security. They can create a barrier that is invisible and this barrier is hard to penetrate. Furthermore, you don't need to wire them, as they operate on batteries.

They are also available as travel alarms that feature sensors, and they don't cost a lot of money, but they still provide quality security. These types of alarms can be activated by pulling a cord that is located right at the top of the unit or they can detect motion of around 9 feet away. The alarm emits a loud sound, which should scare off a potential assailant. Furthermore, these alarms feature an LED flashlight and they can easily be concealed and they are easy to bring around from one place to another.

Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm Kit

Another option you have is a wireless motion alarm, which some work with a doorbell. They send out signals to a receiver when people are detected. That is just one type of wireless motion alarm that is on the market. You need to do research on the various types of wireless motion alarms out there and then choose the one that will meet your security needs.

Do you want more peace of mind and safety? If so, then you should get an outdoor motion alarm system. This kind of alarm will help protect your property from unwanted visitors.