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Heritage Fire Starting Kit for Camping and Survival

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This Fire Starter Camping Kit features a collection of classic fire starting necessities. The wood handled fire starter used with the included tender can help start a fire even in the worst conditions. Comes with some ot the best fire starter tinder, fire starter kindling material, a wood handled fire starter, and an instructional fire starter book, all in a rustic burlap fire kit pouch.

• Heritage SparkLite: Lightweight fire starter that produces sparks in even the worst conditions • Kindling Logs (9): Natural bailed fire starting kindling logs in a resealable plastic bag • Heritage Light-Me™ Tinder (12): Small, fibrous fire starting tinder housed in a compact tin • Learn & Live™ Fire Building Cards: Reference guide with step-by-step instructions on how to successfully build a fire

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Detailed Description

The Heritage Campfire Survival Kit most valuable item is the wood handled fire starter!

Q: What makes this fire starter so good?

A: It is strong, sturdy and fits easily within your pocket or pack. It's ease of use, make it a favorite among campers, hikers and survivalist alike. It even makes a great gift for all the outdoors person in your life.

Q: Is the wood handled fire starter bulky?

A:  No, the wooden handle and overall lightweight rod size of the fire starter in this kit makes it a favorite of enthusiast everywhere. You can really hit different angles with the scrapper giving multiple options when striking for a spark.

Q: Is it easy to use?

A: Yes, the wooden handle of the fire starter in this campfire kit provides great control and leverage when lighting the tinder and kindling logs also included in the kit. Not only is the wood handle great, but in a pinch you could even use the scraper to shave the wood for kindling.

Heritage has put together a fire starting kit complete with tinder

Q: Will the tinder's in this kit work freezing rain or snow? 

Yes, all you need to do is rip them apart into many small sections and using the wood handle fire started, also included in this kit, the fire will start and the tinder's will burn. These tinders have been well tested and won't disappoint you in the field. The addition of tinder with this survival kit allows anyone needing to start a fire quickly, able to do so in any situation

Q: What makes the tinder so important?

A: By stowing this kit in your bug out bag and you won't have to bother acquiring tinder down the road. Great for the go bag or when out on a camping adventure. These little fire starters work great! A definite for your emergency bag at home. You'll love these things, put them in your bug out bag and you do not have to be an expert fire starter with two sticks on a wet day.

Q: Is this kit only for survivalist and preppers?

A: Actually they work great for the hunter, camper and backpacker. Helps get the fire going when you need it. Having these as part of a survival fire starter kit is a great idea and a real life saver!

This campfire survival kit also comes complete with kindling logs

Q: What is the best way to use these?

A: Take the tinder and split it into small pieces, which makes them great for getting a small survival camp fire started. You can also splinter them into small fine pieces with your knife. This makes them quick and easy to use.

Q: What if the wood is wet or large?

A: Since the kindling logs that come with the campfire kit burn hot and for a long period of time, they tend to dry out slightly wet wood and are great for getting a larger piece of wood burning.

Q: Will it light under any condition?

A: Yes and if you shave it off into slivers it lights even faster.

Q: Are they good for taking into the deep wilderness for survival?

A: Yes, weather you are a camper or a survivalist in the wilderness, these burn very easily in any condition.

Q: Do they burn easily?

A: Yes these kindling logs light easily and burn, getting your fire started fast. 

Don't take our word for it, here is what a customer wrote:

This is such a great little survival kit that you can pick up multiples and with there great shelf life you can put them in multiple locations and always be ready in a pinch.

Excellent well made works great! Simple sturdy design.

Good to have for camping or emergency I love this thing!

Works great and looks cool.

The wood handle gives it a great place to hold and a cool look.

My favorite part of this kit the striker I have seen these types of fire starters sold seperately, but never in a kit.

This thing works like a charm!

Like other commentators have said, you have to scrape off the coating, but it's fun and easy to use! Works great, bought this for my son in law and he loves it!

The overall size is nice, and will easy make a great part of your outdoor gear. The wooden handle feels good to hold. And I feel better knowing I have a method for fire in a pinch.

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