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Steel Batons

What Expandable Steel Batons Are Available for Sale?


Long gone are the long, wooden batons of the past. Today, the expandable baton is a much more convenient product. Size and mass has been swapped out for simplicity and ease of deployment, while still giving you the assured presence that you are looking for. However, deployment can still be an issue with an expandable, which will be discussed further in the paragraphs below.

Before completely abandoning the steel baton, you need to look at the technology that is available right now along with the potential that you have for controlling any subject that is highly resistive or assaultive. A modernized steel expandable baton will come in a wider variety of sizes and weights over the wooden counterparts. There is no longer a one size fits all mentality that applies to a self defense baton. You have a choice of a telescopic baton that ranges between 16 inches up to 26 inches in length. It all depends on what you need, the weaknesses, strengths, etc.

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Why should you be using an Expandable Steel Baton for Self Defense?

There are a lot of different self defense products that are available on the market today for personal protection purposes. If you are a civilian or a security professional, you need to be able to look through these options to find the best of the best. Expandable batons come in a variety of sizes, so looking at the options available on the market today will help you to get the best possible product for your investment.

Choosing Your Solid Steel Expandable Baton

Rubber Handle Expandable Steel Baton

Comparing the current technology that is available for batons will be very similar to that of comparing ammunition and firearms. There has always been a debate about the best caliber when it comes to self-defense. However, it boils down to your ability to perform a task based on a wide range of personal variables. Do you want to have stopping power in one hit? Or are you looking for quick reload, multiple striking capacity, a baton that is big, one that is small, etc.? You also have to ask yourself whether or not you are able to handle the baton that you want. The answer will come down to whatever your necessities are and your personal variables.

Just like a gun or ammunition manufacturer, the people who make solid steel telescoping batons will argue all day long that the capabilities of their products are better than the rest. However, the fact remains that all of the products will offer their own advantages as well as disadvantages for individual operators. An operator will have to make theist decision when picking a tool that they need to protect their own life.

The final decision should be based upon your training, size, strength, experience and whatever your personal needs are. The baton is not going to be an option if it is too difficult to try and deploy. Of course, there is no baton strike that is going to work if you deliver it with a weak thrust. You have to have the right attitude behind the strike or the failure will be imminent. The right baton in the hands of someone who is trained to use it will be subjective, at best. Personal experience will vary, but you still need guidelines that will help you to choose the correct baton to meet your needs.

Take your self-defense wants and needs into consideration. If you have to conceal the collapsible baton and it is going to be legal for you to do so in your area, you can go with a shorter length expandable. This will take away from the weight of the baton, but you also have the element of surprise on your side, which can be very beneficial against an attacker or a person who is agitated.

There will always be times when shock, speed and an overwhelming action can be more important than the weight and size of your baton. Demonstrations have proven that the element of surprise can be just what you need at times to get your point across successfully.

Solid Steel Expandable Baton Recommendation for Security Guards

What are the Best Steel Baton Expandable Sizes for a Security Officer?

Security officers should think about going with a baton that ranges in size between 21 to 26 inches. It all depends on their own side and whether they are going to be sitting or standing most of the time. A lot of people will think that the length of a baton is the advantages because it can reach a distance to get the subject. However, there are times when fighting in close quarters will call for a shorter, swifter baton.