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Personal Alarms

Learn About Personal Alarms for Personal Protection


Pink Personal Alarm for Personal Security

The Screecher Personal Alarm use Gas to make noise

What is a personal alarm for safety? And exactly What do they do? A personal alarm is a device designed for self defense, if it is activated, a very loud sound is emitted. The sound it emits is not only loud, but also high pitched and very ear piercing.

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Is Every Personal Panic Alarm The Same?

Not at all, generally personal safety alarms are battery operated and electronic. Some have strobe lights or flashlights, some also function as a travel alarm that can be used to protect your motor-home or hotel room door. When a button is pushed or a pin removed the device is activated and will remain activated until the pin is back in place. There are also some that are small canisters, they are pressurized with a gas that is inert. If the button is depressed, the gas then escapes through a nozzle which produces a shrieking blast. This type of personal attack alarm will remain on as long as the button is in fact depressed and the canister still contains pressurized gas.

Scare away a bad guy with your personal alarm

Are Personal Alarms Beneficial?

Let's say that a potential assailant is in search of an “easy target” that will be easily submitted to their approach. If they are confronted with the sonic blast a personal alarm emits, they will quickly become startled and disoriented. They will also become worried about the attention that the sound will draw and run off.

How Effective are Personal Alarms?

Generally a personal alarm is highly effective, they do however have some things you must take into consideration when choosing to use this personal security device for your own protection.

  1. They are passive personal safety devices and they are not able to really disable an assailant. If you are adverse to physical violence take these few extra seconds to react and flee the area.
  2. Another thing that could happen is that the assailant could attempt to snatch the alarm away, If this happens, let them have the alarm it is not worth letting your attacker cause harm to the you. Besides the time the assailant is trying to turn it off is the time you use to get away! The personal alarms for sale on our website are not easy to disable.
  3. These personal devices use batteries, so keep in mind that in order for the alarm to work it is important to have fresh set batteries close by.

Considering the Above, Is a Personal Alarm Worth The Investment?

Definitely, no questions asked. If the alarm is used and the attacker runs away then the desired effect has been done. Many people prefer as a first line of defense to use passive personal alarms and keep the more controlling stun gun or pepper spray as a second choice. Being able to combine both of these options makes for a strong self defense.

Some Personal Alarms Double as Door Alarms

Are There Any Other Uses For Personal Alarms?

A personal alarm is a great device for those who are disabled or for senior citizens. You can attach one to their wheelchair which can be a great way for them to be heard if they were confronted with an emergency. Those who are not comfortable using a stun gun or pepper spray also prefer personal alarms. If there were a catastrophic event such as a hurricane, earthquake or avalanche a personal alarm can be quite useful. As mentioned earlier, a personal alarm is great to take with you when you travel being as it can be used on doors. These is also a form of personal protection that is quite useful for college students it can be used to protect their dorm doors while sleeping and even as a form of self protection during other times as well.

How Loud Is a Personal Alarm?

Generally a personal alarm will operate at a high decibel level of one hundred and twenty to one hundred and thirty five. Here is a list to help you better understand:

  1. Weakest Sound: 0dB
  2. Normal Conversation from a three to five foot range: 60-70 dB
  3. Inside Car With City Traffic: 85 dB
  4. Train Whistle Around Five Hundred Feet: 90 dB
  5. Subway Train Around Two Hundred Feet: 95 dB
  6. Exposure which is regular and sustained and could cause damage which is permanent: 90-95 dB
  7. Power Saw: 110 dB
  8. Power Mower:107 dB
  9. Pain Commences: 125 dB
  10. An Air Powered Riveter Around Four Feet: 124dB
  11. Jet Engine Around One Hundred Feet: 140 dB
  12. The Loudest Sound Which Can Be Emitted: 194 dB