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Stun Master

Stun Master Stun Guns Brand

Review Of The Stun Master Stun Guns

Since 1994 one of the leading brands within the stun gun industry has been Stun Master. The company is one of the true icons in the self-defense world. Being able to maintain this high level of success over the course of many years in a highly competitive field is the best recommendation that any product can receive.

One of the truest tests of a company or product is the length of time it has been operating its business. The greatest equalizer is competition - only the best and strong can survive (unless a Government Bailout is there to rescue you). The stun guns from Stun Master have been in existence for more than 20 years. They perhaps offer the world's most varied and largest stun gun selection.

The stun guns from Stun Master have been able to stand the test of time. The same can't be said for a majority of the current market's stun guns. Stun Master is among the most reliable and trust stun guns in today's marketplace.

Buy a Stun Master Stun Gun and increase your personal security!

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Are Stun Master Stun Guns Effective?

Stun Master stun guns are reliable and easy to use. They are highly effective due to the low amperage shock that they provide. Usually people think it is the stun guns' high voltage that stops attackers. However, that isn't true. No one is hurt by voltage. It is the amperage that does that. One amp can kill somebody. The stun guns from Stun Master have only 3 to 6 milliamps. That is just enough that it can incapacitate attackers without permanently damaging them. The stun guns from Stun Master are Non-Lethal.

Military forces and law enforcement all over the world have used stun guns. They have mainly been used for crowd control purposes. Those were the top pick for non-lethal weapons since they were so highly effective. Stun guns over the years have become the top choice for civilian non-lethal weapons also because of the fact that they work so well.

Do Stun Master Stun Guns Work for Self Defense?

Most people believe that when it comes to crime that it isn't about to disappear at any time in the near future. With all of the budget problems recently and law enforcement agency cutbacks all across the country that are losing money and resources for frighting crime. The influence of gangs and drugs is growing nearly exponentially which places citizens in great danger.

According to statistics, street crime such as murder, rape, robbery, assault and home crimes such as home invasions and burglaries are steady in terms of a percentage. However this is completely misleading since due to population growth there is actual a growth in absolute numbers. So what can you do?

Stun Master and other quality brands had been leading the charge when it comes to manufacturing products to help individuals defend themselves. In addition to stun guns there are a number of other self defense products such as personal alarms, pepper spray and Tasers. In terms of effectiveness, efficiency and price, stunning devices are an excellent choice.

Stun Master Products

Stun guns are produced by Stun Master that run in the price range of $80 to $15 - which means there is something for practically everybody. The company leads with field with designs such as the Stun Master Stun batons, a Multi-function stun gun that comes equipped with a flashlight and the Hot shot stun guns disguised in the form of small electronics

The stun baton is one of the company's most recognized products and most effective tools to combat renegade dogs that are on loose. This baton can stop these animals in their tracks. These stun guns come in a wide selection of power ranges going from 3 million to 20 millions. Their sizes range from a tiny 3" up to an incredible 15.5", so there is something for practically anyone from a nurse or teacher to security guard and bouncer.

Each product from Stun Master comes with a lifetime warranty. This is obviously a massive vote of confidence for the products. Perhaps that is the reason why these items have been protecting individuals for almost twenty years. If you are shopping for self products search for legality, effectiveness and quality. In some states stun guns are illegal. Check first with the local police department before buying one. Once you do..