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Info About the Taser Bolt? What is it and How Does it Work?

The Taser Bolt, which was once known as the Taser C2, comes with a laser for targeting and a soft taser holster. It also comes with two Taser Bolt cartridges. Not only that, but it comes with a target, an LED light and a lithium battery pack magazine.

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How does a Taser C2 / Bolt work?

The Taser Bolt was designed with people's personal safety needs in mind. In fact, it uses the same technology as the enforcement models. You will find that this product has amazing take down power and it offers you quality protection that you can use when you need it the most.

When it comes to personal protection, you know you need something with power, but you also know that you could land yourself in legal trouble if you use deadly force against someone, and this is why Taser is the best option out there. Taser provides you with enough power to take down a violent attacker and they will be knocked out for 30 seconds and you can strike them from up to 15 feet away, and this will allow you to make your escape, all without having to use deadly force. As previously mentioned, Taser has the same tools that law enforcement use to protect themselves. 

Are Tasers Legal?

Taser products are not considered to be firearms, and most states allow people to own them and carry them around. Some states do have restrictions, and these states include RI, MA, HI, NY, NJ and various cities and countries. If you want to purchase, use or transport a Taser, then you are responsible for researching state and local laws before you actually buy anything.

How do you use the Taser C2 Bolt?

You will learn how to use your CEW because you will receive a training manual. The manual will show you how and where to aim the product. When you buy your CEW, you will use a product that has been thoroughly tested. You can also visit this the personal taser youtube channel for more taser bolt training. 

Some of the key features is you can use the product from up to 15 feet away, and you don't have to use the cartridge, as it can be used as s tun gun. You don't need to obtain a license to carry it and it is small enough that it can fit right in your pocket. Furthermore, it doesn't weigh a lot and it provides over 40 applications, and let's not forget to mentioned that it is affordable, but it is extremely powerful and will help you protect yourself.

The Black taser Bolt comes with a training cartridge and a live cartridge. Do you need protection? If so, then order this product today.