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Trigger Stun Gun That Disables Attackers Discounted - Blue

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This Low-Cost Blue 18 Million Volt Stun Gun easily incapacitates an attacker with 4.8 milliamps of power. This stun gun is equipped with a robust trigger design that's aimed for control and supreme accuracy. It comes complete with a LED flashlight, a wrist strap disable-pin and carries a lifetime warranty.

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Detailed Description

Information On Blue Trigger Stun Gun

With an ergonomic design, unique build quality, and incredible power, the blue trigger stun gun is a perfect example of balanced harmony. It's a world-class weapon that has been designed with high attention to detail and screams quality from every angle.

As stated above "The gun is equipped with a robust trigger design that's aimed for control and supreme accuracy."

Having this gun in hand offers a tremendous surge of confidence making it the perfect option when necessary. In addition to the powerful trigger design, this stun gun offers a lifetime warranty and a complete disable pin for safety reasons. This level of safety technology is useful and ideal for all users.

With a fast, quick and easy pull of the trigger, your attacker will be disabled and on their knees begging for mercy. The rubberized coating will ensure a superior, solid grip and you can even blind an attacker as they approach with the super bright 100-lumen flashlight, it also doubles as an easily accessible everyday flashlight.

The 4.8 milliamps of electrical current supplies the Blue Trigger Stun Gun by Safety Technology with the power to incapacitate and disable an enemy combatant. A final Bonus is that you will not have to carry a separate charger since all trigger stun guns have built-in prongs that plug directly into the outlet for charging. The nickel-cadmium battery in this his non-lethal weapon can hold a charge for 3 months (*charge length can vary with usage).

What is the specification of the Blue Trigger stunning device?

The Blue Trigger Stun Gun Comes With: 

  1. Color: BLUE
  2. Wrist strap
  3. Disabling pin
  4. Built-in Recharger
  5. Rubberized Coating
  6. 4.8 milliamps of Stopping Power
  7. Super Bright 100 lumen Flashlight
  8. Measurements: 4 5/8" x 1 3/4" x 7/8"

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