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Pepper Guns

Of All The Pepper Spray Guns For Sale, Which One Is Right For Me?

It seems that we live in a world where our personal safety is becoming more and more jeopardized. Granted, we may not want to accept or believe the fact, but nonetheless it deserves our careful consideration. We often go to great lengths to protect our home, belongings, property and so forth, but is there really anything more precious than our own safety?

That is why many people are seeing the clear advantages to pepper spray guns. There is ample proof, as well as personal stories, which show the effective use of this self defense choice for people coming from all walks of life. However, one thing that may put people off making a purchase, is knowing and understand which of the pepper spray guns is right for their personal needs. That's why we are going to take a quick and clear look at how to understand the various types of pepper spray guns for sale.

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What is the Chemical Composition used in pepper spray guns?

You will find three different types of defensive sprays on the market, as outlined below:

  • CS (Orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile)
  • CN (alphachloroacetaphenone)
  • OC (Oleoresin Capsicum)

OC is the only one out of the three which can be truly referred to as a 'pepper spray' as it is made using hot chile peppers. CS and CN, on the other hand, are made using chemicals.

So how does OC differ from CS and CN in terms of use? Firstly, OC is an inflammatory agent whereas CS and CN are irritants. This means that OC is natural and non toxic. Unlike the other two options which may lead to future health problems, OC causes no permanent damage.

How Does an OC Pepper Spray Gun Actually Effect Someone?

First of all, OC will dilate the eye capillaries making the person blind for a temporary period. Then the breathing tissue becomes inflamed and the person will begin to cough.

What About If The Attacker Is On Drugs And So Less Sensitive To Pain?

The effects caused by OC mean that, whilst the attacker will still be able to breathe, they will find themselves in an uncomfortable and debilitating condition.

What is the Formulation of the Mace Pepper Spray Pistol we have for Sale?

The concentration of most pepper spray guns range from 1% to 18%. The Mace pepper pistol has a concentration of ten percent. However, it is the heat rating that gives a true indication as to how effective a pepper spray is. This is measured in SHUs (Scoville Heat Units). A standard pepper has an SHU of 0, a Habanero pepper is from around 200,000 to 300,000. Pepper sprays can come in at up to around 3,000,000 on the scale rating.

Indeed, caring for our own personal safety is something that we should never take lightly. Many people are seeing the benefit of Mace pepper gun in their everyday life. Rather than shying way from purchasing one, due to a lack of knowledge, why not inform yourself on the type of sprays on the market? After all, surely there is nothing more important than personal safety.