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Pepper Spray

Why choose the pepper spray that's best for you!

When looking for the answer to 'what is the best pepper spray for self defense', you should understand that first and foremost it is among the most popular weapons for self defense available these days. Pepper sprays are inexpensive, simple to use, easy to carry, extremely effective, and the fact is they don't require long-term training of any sort.

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Mace Spray vs Pepper Spray, What is the difference?

Frequently referred to as Mace (which is actually one manufacturer brand that we carry) or Tear Gas, these self defense sprays were developed initially to be used by law enforcers. Pepper spray - as the product is more commonly referred to nowadays, has become very popular for the public's personal self-defense needs.

Why is Pepper Spray Best for Self Defense?

A large advantage of pepper spray versus other self-defense tools is the fact that they are entirely non-lethal and causes no long-term physical effects whatsoever on potential attackers. Using firearms, for instance, requires that you employ deadly force in stressful situations, which may have psychological and legal ramifications for its users. Here are some important points to keep in mind when you're considering buying or using pepper spray.

Purpose: Why is Pepper Spray an Effective Self Defense Weapon?

Like most non-lethal self-defense tools, pepper spray is designed to help victims create a barrier, protecting them from an attacker and buying them precious escape time. Formulation: what's pepper spray made out of? The majority of modern pepper sprays feature OC (oleoresin capsicum) as their main component. It is a natural chemical substance derived from hot pepper plants.

How Effective are Self Defense Pepper Sprays?

1 - When it comes to contact with a person's face, it instantly dilates their eyes' capillaries, causing temporary blindness.
2 - If its inhaled, OC instantly causes inflammation in the lung tissue, which makes them cough uncontrollably.
3 - Both conditions are very disabling, even to psychotic individuals or those under the effect of drugs.

The effects dissipate relatively quickly, causing no long-term side effects or permanent damage of any sort.

Delivery: What are the Best ways to Pepper Spray Someone?

There are three types of spray patterns that different products offer: Fog, mist, and stream. Mist and fog models have a range of approximately 4 to 8 feet, while stream ones can reach up to 15 to 20. The former is ideal for use on home self defense, while the latter is more effective for outdoor applications.

Capacity and Size: What Pepper Spray Should I Buy?

When choosing the best pepper spray for you, make sure they correspond with their capacity, generally measured by how many ounces of spray material is contained inside. This information may be used to determine how many shots it will fire, or for how many seconds.

The cans come in various models, in sizes that vary from the smallest which contain only half an ounce, capable of providing approximately 20 half-second bursts, to the largest ones, 1lb units similar to canisters.

The smallest ones are very easy to carry on a purse, keychain, belt holster or pocket, while largest units are designed specifically for use in the outdoors, for autos, or for home defense.

Below is an example of how a self defense pepper spray can protect you even at your job...


Educate Yourself On the Best Pepper Spray Self Defense Weapons

While looking at the principles of self defense, there are many of us that will make the decision to protect ourselves and our property by way of non-lethal weapons. Of course, even when we decide such an option, we should always be looking for the best choices possible.

You should know that non-lethal and harmless should never be confused with one another. While it is best to avoid dealing with any of the legal implications that could become involved or causing death to another party, you still want to protect your family and property without the use of a knife, rifle shotgun or handgun.

Because of this, we always need to be looking for possibilities that will go above and beyond Taser or stun guns, both of which are effective but could end up impacting you in certain situations. Many will look for safe, effective and best alternatives like pepper sprays or Mace for self-defense.

Pepper Spray vs Taser: Is Pepper Spray as Effective as a Stun Gun When it comes to Personal Self Defense?

It is not all that uncommon to hear people saying that one will be better than the other. The fact of the matter is that whatever you decide to use, or if you choose to use both, you have to be aware of your abilities and all of the limitations that each product has.

There really is no wrong or right answer to this question on stun guns and pepper spray. You just have to remember that using pepper spray indoors can be a problem because you could be impacted by the chemicals that are involved. Additionally, the use of a stun gun or taser may not be the best choice for you under certain circumstances.

It is always best to seek expert advice prior to purchasing and using either product so that you can have a better understanding of your preferences and abilities. Our experts are here to answer any questions you may have.

What is the Best Way of Ensuring Personal Safety And Protecting Myself On The Street?

Awareness is the best weapon that you could possibly have against an attack. Pepper spray or a stun gun on your person will make you feel safe, but you will find that if you are aware of what is around you and take all of the necessary precautions, you can avoid an attack. This is the best solution for the dangerous scenario of an attack, avoiding it. It will not always be easy for you to completely avoid an attack, mainly because you cannot predict the future. However, these are some helpful tips:

  1. Remain aware and alert, avoid listening to music or playing on your phone while you are walking through an area that is desolate or dangerous.
  2. Lock your vehicle, even if it takes only a minute to run your errands. Lock the vehicle and have it parked in an area that is well-lit.
  3. Check your vehicle before you open the door to get in. There could be an attacker waiting inside, generally hiding and laying down in the back seat area. 
  4. Avoid deserted areas at night, as there could be someone waiting for an unsuspecting victim to come through.
  5. Cut a wide corner around any building. Never give an attacker the chance to jump out and corner you.
  6. Never offer help to strangers, regardless of how kind and helpless they look. This is a scam often used by serial killers to lure in their victims.
  7. Never accept help from a stranger, regardless of how charming they are or how tired you may be.
  8. A wide personal distance is key when you are talking to people who are not in your trusted, private circle.
  9. Never open your door to anyone that is asking for help, even if it is an old woman stating that she was involved in a car accident down the street. You should always stay inside, call 911 and let them know help is on the way.
  10. If you ever feel as though someone may be following you as you are walking down any street, cross over to the other side and go into a restaurant or shop, or catch a bus or hail a cab. Never stop walking, do not turn back, and be sure that you head for a busier, crowded street. Changing the location and environment as soon as you can be very helpful.

These are just a few of the safety measures that you can use to help avoid some sort of attack and the need to use your pepper spray or stun gun. This level of awareness is known to save lives.

Best Pepper Spray for Self Defense Summary: Making the Right Choice to Increase your Personal Security!

Such devices are among the best tools for self-defense for individuals that are reluctant to utilize firearms but want something that will increase their odds of survival or escape in serious confrontational events.

Regardless of your gender, age, employment, social status, daily routine, physical abilities, location or lifestyle, everyone is at risk of being targeted by a criminal. It's smart to take steps which will help you confront risks you face on a given day.

Pepper spray is a great self-defense choice which is both effective and affordable. It is your right as an American to defend yourself and we are here to help you secure that right. So, What is the best pepper spray? The one that...

  1. You will use
  2. Is backed by a Guarantee
  3. Appeals to your needs
  4. You will carry and use!