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Pepper Gel

What You Need To Know About Pepper Spray Gel when used for Self Defense

When buying pepper spray gel for your self defense needs. It is best to choose from leaders in the industry. The company known as Mace® and the Wildfire® brand of pepper gel, are leaders when it comes to these types of self-defense products. Many of the Mace Brand pepper sprays, as well as many of the wildfire pepper gel self defense products, are commonly used by law enforcement and civilians to protect and ensure their safety.

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Pepper Gel vs Pepper Spray, How to Choose!

The chemical agents like pepper spray are regarded as a useful and effective tool when it is used in the correct manner. However, there are a few issues with fog or stream based pepper sprays especially when they are used within a vehicle or closed area.

The main issue is related to self-contamination, which means that when a person deploys the pepper spray in windy conditions or controlled environments they risk becoming contaminated. Even when the individual is able to successfully hit their target, if they become self-contaminated it can affect whether they will escape from their attacker assailant. This can result in a disaster when the individual is unable to get away fast enough from the person that is attacking them. This is when pepper spray gel self-defense is a safer alternative to the traditional pepper sprays.

Pepper gel is regarded as an evolved delivery system form that is now used in various defense sprays that is aimed to be used for indoor environments. The method in which this self-defense product operates is that the chemical agent has been suspended in a thicker solution. This solution when deployed sticks to a target in the form of a gluey type substance. One of the main advantages of this product is that it cannot blow back into the users face as well as eliminating the risks of contaminating any bystanders that are in close proximity.

Review on Pepper Spray Gel used for Self Defense

Independently tested and rated as the hottest pepper spray brand on the market, the 18% wildfire pepper gel is the ideal selection for any person that is in search of an effective and reliable self-defense weapon. When used the person can stand up to 20 feet away (depending on model) and the weapon provides a way for the individual to protect themselves within a safe distance.

This unique gel-based formulation eliminates possible contamination and wind blow-back of the unintended individuals. Due to the fact that this pepper gel is a thick and gluey solution, it immediately adheres to the attacker’s face which also makes the solution much harder to wash or wipe away. This has resulted in that the chemical agent is far more powerful and it takes much longer for the effects to go away.

In addition, pepper foam or pepper gel even works on attackers that are wearing glasses. This is because the solution is opaque and will stick to the individual’s glasses which will instantly blur their vision. The model from Mace allows the user to easily carry their weapon on their belt or waistline for immediate and quick access. This feature is really handy for those who require a self-defense tool which provides a way of protection when riding a bike, walking or jogging.

The canister of this Mace pepper gel is relatively versatile and compact which means the user can carry the weapon in their bag or even in a pocket. For those concerned about any accidental discharges, the canister features a flip-top safety mechanism. In addition, the product comes with an amazing 4-year shelf-life which is substantial as the majority of other types of pepper sprays available today only last for around 2 years.

Safety in one’s vehicle, workplace, in public areas and especially at home is an importance that many should be paying more attention to. The pepper spray gel self defense assists in helping civilians to protect themselves in closed or confined space environments, eliminating or drastically reducing the risks involved with self-contamination or effecting any innocent bystanders. Self-defense products such as these can really contribute to helping people feel safer when they leave home.

Due to the state restrictions in place on formulation and size, the models listed here on Security Defense Weapons are not on sale in a few states. These particular products are not allowed to be shipped to Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia.