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Pepper Spray Keychains for Sale, a Buyer’s Guide

Getting the information you desire about the pepper spray keychains we have for sale has never been easier. Why should you buy a pepper spray self defense keychain? It’s simple, when it comes to choosing a non-lethal self-defense weapon, you should choose something that is easily accessible because if it's not, then it's essential useless, especially when you need it the most.

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Which Self Defense Pepper Spray Keychains are the Best?

If you are faced with a situation that calls for protection, then timing is crucial, which is why you should choose a product such as a keychain self-defense device. This product is portable and easy to access when you find yourself in a potentially violent situation. It is often much better to have this type of device than a large weapon that you cannot access with ease.

There are a number of options for self defense keychains, with the most popular one being a keychain pepper spray canister, such as the Pepper Shot Brand. Even the smallest version that contains a little bit of pepper spray, has enough to disable an attacker. Once disabled, you can make an escape and avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Wildfire 18% Pepper Sprays also have a line of KeychainsWildfire has been rated the hottest pepper spray by independent testing. They also come in some very cute keychain designs. You don't have to forgo style with these excellent small non-lethal self-defense weapons for women. 

 What is Pepper Spray Made Of?

Pepper spray is one of the most common types of self defense products, but what is it exactly? We'll go into more details about what the spray is and what they do. This will give you a better idea of what people are using and then you can decide if you want to carry it too.

OC spray, capsicum spray and OC gas are some of the names that pepper spray goes by, but it is known as an agent called lachrymatory. This means it is a chemical compound that can leave a person's eyes feeling irritated. It can lead to pain, temporary blindness and tearing.

As for what it's used for, it's often used for riot control, personal defense or for controlling a crowd. Pepper spray can be used against dogs, bears and people, and the person sprayed with it will be temporarily blinded and they will feel confused and disoriented. This allows law enforcement to apprehend a person with ease or allow a person to escape an attacker.

Capsaicin is the main ingredient in pepper spray and it is derived from plants that are in the Capsicum genus, which includes chilies. The capsicum has to be grounded until it is very fine, and then the oleoresin capsicum can be gathered. Afterwards, an organic solvent is used and then it evaporates, which leaves oleoresin capsicum, which is a wax-like resin.

You can use an emulsifier once you have oleoresin capsicum. The emulsifier can be something like propylene glycol. Finally, you need to pressurize it, as this allows you to use it in spray form in an aerosol can.

What does Pepper Spray Do?

Depending on the type of pepper spray used, the effects of it will vary. The strength of the spray and how much of it is sprayed are two factors that play a role in what the effects of the spray will be like. Generally speaking, the effects of pepper spray last for around 30-60 minutes. Long lasting effects may be experienced too and those may be experienced for a few hours.

There are several effects associated with being exposed to pepper spray, such as being temporarily blinded for about 15-30 minutes. A burning sensation is also felt in the eyes and the skin for about 45-60 minutes and people who are exposed to it will experience spasms. They may also have an uncontrollable cough for up to 15 minutes or for as little as three minutes after being exposed to pepper spray.

Which Pepper Spray to Buy?

Keychain self defense sprays are a great choice because of how easy they are to carry and they can be carried discreetly. If you are under attack, then you have a good chance of escaping if you have one of the sprays below, and remember, when you are in a dangerous situation, then the self defense item(s) you have with you are the ones that will rely on for protection.

Some of the best ways to protect yourself are with keychain-sized self defense products, including pepper spray, a personal alarm or a baton. Such items can protect against attackers and you will make sure you never leave without them because they come in handy when you need protection the most.

Keychain self defense pepper spray devices make for great gifts for everyone in the family and all of your friends, so give a few to them. They are very useful and more than likely they will be more useful than anything else you buy and give to your family and friends. Plus, giving your loved ones a keychain pepper spray product provides you with peace of mind knowing they are protection.

Defense sprays are extremely useful. Sometimes they can be the best form of personal security, but don't take them lightly. You want to use pepper spray only in the event of an emergency.

These keychain pepper spray devices have keyrings attached or there are already attachments in place. This means you can carry the pepper spray wherever you bring your keys. With this type of spray on hand, you will always be prepared to defend yourself when needed.