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Pepper Shot

What Makes Pepper Shot Pepper Sprays the Best for Self Defense? 

It is formulated using very fine grains and comes with a 2 million Scoville heat unit rating. Pepper Shot Pepper Spray is a highly effective non-lethal self defense weapon. It is available in many sizes and styles, which makes it very easy to find that best one for you and your situation.

Over the last 10 years, one of the top selling 10% pepper spray brands has been Pepper Shot pepper spray. 

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Pepper Shot pepper spray comes in several different versions, Watch Below!

Pepper sprays work at the biological level. Its fine powdery spray enters the eyes and makes them shut down. It swells the membranes and profuse tearing is produced. It can also get into the throat and nasal passages, which makes it difficult to breathe and results in the attacker gasping and choking for air.

It has a new formulation that differs from previous formulas. The spray's grain is finer and smaller, which makes it easier for it to enter into the soft tissues. The attacker will be affected by the spray longer enough to allow you to escape from the situation and seek help. A dye is contained in many of the sprays to "mark" the attacker so they can be identified later on. It can help authorities apprehend the attacker and assist with additional prosecution in the future.

How Does the Pepper Shot 10% Plus Work?

Pepper Shot Pepper Spray is very fine grain and a 10% capsicum pepper formulation. The formulation can easily get into the mucous membranes of an attacker to provide you with added take down power. Pepper spray's only downside is if you end up in a cloud of spray, then you will be affected as well. It is important to not spray it into the wind or run through a cloud of spray. It will get on you in addition to your attacker.

What different styles and sizes of Pepper Shot are available?

The spray that comes in the style of a leather key chain is my wife's favorite. It allows her to keep it handy with her house and car keys. Pepper Shot spray's effects last around 20 to 30 minutes. It doesn't permanently damage the attacker. Pepper shot sprays all have locking actuators except for pepper spray pens.

1) Best Personal Pepper Spray from the Pepper Shot Brand

One style that is quite popular with men is the Pepper Shot 10% Flip top Actuator 3/4 ounce Pepper Spray Stream. There are 6 to 10 one-second bursts contained in the Pepper Spray Stream and it has a 6 to 8-foot range.

2) Covert Self Defense Weapons from Pepper Shot

Pepper shot lipstick pepper spray is excellent for women to keep in a drawer in their desk at work or carry in their purse. It is available in the form of a Pepper Pen as well. It has the appearance of a felt tip pen housed within a black sleek outer casing. When it is opened up it exposes the spray top which makes it easy to be discharged.

3) Pepper Shot, Best Pepper Spray for Women

Different other styles are available for various personal needs. The pepper spray that we got our three daughters started out with was pepper spray keychains after they turned 16 and had their first cars. We strongly felt they needed to have a way of protecting themselves as they were driving around by themselves. Every driver should have pepper spray with them in an event of an emergency.

4) Pepper Shot 10% Pepper Spray for your Car

When you are having car trouble, you don't who may stop to "help" you. Pepper Shot Visor Pepper Spray is an effective, convenient yet affordable way of defending yourself in all situations.

5) Pepper Shot 10% OC Vampire Pepper Spray

A Vampire Repellent pepper spray has even been formulated for repelling vampires. An essence of garlic has been added to the ingredient. It not only repels vampires, but humans as well.