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Why Use an Inert Pepper Spray Training Canister?

As I often state to my seminar attendees practicing with your pepper spray is one of the best ways to ensure it's proper use in a self defense situation. Until the release of inert pepper spray training units you had to use up your pepper spray and risk exposure to yourself or others.

Where Can I Buy Inert OC Training Canisters?

Now you can buy these water based Inert pepper spray units for use in your training and have them shipped directly to your door. They use water instead of pepper spray and are pressurized with nitrogen. By practicing with them you begin to understand how pepper spray works and how to best deploy it.

One quick warning: It is best advised to not spray these on anyone or even on yourself. Although there is nothing in the training units that will do any permanent harm to you or anyone else, the nitrogen used to compress the inert spray can cause some skin irritation or even burning if sprayed in the eyes. It is best to take safety precautions like training with a professional wearing safety glasses or spray these inert training sprays at a target.

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Inert Pepper Spray Training Units are best for practicing things like:

  1. Improving your aim with pepper spray.
  2. Allowing you to get a feel for how the units will spray.
  3. Helping you understand how pepper spray units are deployed.
  4. Revealing how wind and other environmental obsticals that may arise.

All these thing will greatly improve your abilty to deploy your pepper spray in a self defense situation. Purchasing one of the many inert training pepper spray cans below will start you in the right direction, but don't stop there practice! practice! practice! Let us know how you training is going and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.