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Portable Solar Cooker

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The portable solar oven bag is constructed for extreme portablility and is foldable. It will collapse down to an easy to carry bag with a place to keep cookware.

The all season solar cooker will approach 285 Fahrenheit. The time of season, available sunlight and the solar ovens location can effect the tempature achived. This portable solar stove cooks food much like that of a slow cooker. It's perfect:

  1. For Camping
  2. During a Hike
  3. In Any Emergency Situation
  4. Is Suitable for Military Application
  5. A Great Addition to your Survival Bug Out Bag

It can also be used as a way to reduce your energy costs. For the best solar cooking results a 4+ UV index is recommended. Solar Bag Specifications: Collapses into 2” X 15 ½" x 19" for easy carry!  



Detailed Description

How does the All Season Solar Cooker Function?

It provides outdoor cooking that is efficient and doesn't need gas or electricity. You are probably familiar with the saying about it being so hot outdoors that an egg could be fried on the sidewalk. Literally you probably actually could do this! Taking this information into account, your food can be cooked using the energy from the sun by using a solar oven.

Why use a Portable Solar Cooker?

Solar energy is increasingly becoming more of a priority given that fossil fuel reserves continue to dwindle slowly out of existence. Fossil fuels are also more expensive when used for energy compared to when clean solar energy is used. The sun is also not in short supply - that is true in most places at least.

Solar energy may be used for providing power to your solar oven - which is your cooking source. This type of oven can be used in the same way that your regular gas or electric oven is used to cook your food. Two major advantages are that solar ovens are not expensive or difficult to operate.

However, even simple solar ovens won't work at night or on an overcast day. If you want to be able to use your solar oven on overcast days or during the night time or evening hours, then choose a more advanced solar oven model.

All Season Solar Cooker Review

The solar oven basically works by taking the sun's energy and converting it into heat. Then the heat is used for cooking your meals with. A cooking container is used along with the oven. The container is what absorbs the heat. The container is a dark color because they absorb the sun's heat better than a lighter color does. Have you ever traveled to a warmer climate and been advised to not wear black clothing since it has a tendency to absorb more of the sun's rays? This same principle holds in terms of absorbing the rays of the sun to be used in cooking.

People will naturally wonder how hot a solar oven can be expected to become. It can actually get to three hundred degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite respectable. That is definitely a high enough temperature for cooking many of your favorite dishes. Many of these kinds of ovens are available to choose from.

Are there different Solar Cooker Designs?

Yes, a panel cooker is the first type of solar oven. In terms of design it's the most simplified oven. It uses flat panels that are covered with coatings that serve as reflectors. Panels can be created using aluminum foil or even cardboard can be used. A black container gets placed inside the solar cooker. The purpose is for it to absorb the energy of the sun.

What is the Best Solar Oven?

The solar bag above is one of the best for the money. The energy that the dark container absorbs from the rays of the sun then gets converted into heat. The container is coated with plastic so that heat is trapped and to prevent it from escaping back to the surrounding air. Even though it is a very simple design you will be able to achieve really high temperatures with this kind of solar oven. On sunny days you will have the ability to cook healthy essential foods like meat, nutritious grains and vegetables.

What is the Solar Cooker Box Style?

The box-style solar oven is the next type of solar oven design. Basically this type of solar cooking device is an insulated box that is constructed with a box that is made out of glass or plastic. The glass or plastic top is where all of the solar energy gets trapped. The sides and bottom of the box get used to convert sunlight into heat. In terms of cooking, for many people the box oven might be more practice since it can reach a three hundred degree Fahrenheit temperature.

Other Types of Solar Ovens are there for Sale?

The final solar oven design is more sophisticated and unique model based on the basic panel cooker. This oven style is called a curved concentrator. It is based on the idea of parabolic mirrors. The way that the curved concentrator differs from a flat panel style is it uses curved reflectors. In turn, the reflectors take the rays of the sun and reflect the infusion of sun on a dark container which then absorbs the rays of the sun. This third style of solar oven works fairly well and depends on the prevailing weather conditions and reflector's overall dimensions.

Where can you find all season solar cooker plans?

If you have an interest in doing some cooking using a solar oven, there are various kits that are available come with instructions that show you how to build your choice of solar oven. Valuable information is provided in the instruction on how the solar oven should be used. This types of kits and their instructions can be found in different online locations across the Internet.

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