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Collection of Stun Guns and Information on How They Function?

Learn about stun guns and how they operateStun guns are great self defense tools that cause an electrical disruption to those they are used on. All the electronic shock weapons that we have for sale are shown below. Shop our wide selection of legal stun guns at discounted pricing and get Free Delivery! - More information on how stun devices work is listed below our stun gun collection.

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How Does a Stun Gun Work? Electronics...

Ciruit of Stun Gun Electronics

When you use a stun gun on someone, all at once, an electrical charge will loop through their body via an electronic circuit. This charge will jump from one probe to the other probe, traveling all throughout the assailant. Learn more about stun gun electronics here.

When was the first Stun Gun Invented?

For more than 20 years, stun guns have been available on the market. In fact, in the late 80s, Nova Stun Guns were used by law enforcement. There were various companies that have come and gone throughout the years.

Electronic control devices, like stun guns, were first used by Police during the 1960's and were simply cattle prod type devices. While cattle prods were invented by Wichita, Kansas resident, John Burton. A patent for this item was issued in the later part of the 1800s. Review the patent here: US427549 A

Stun Gun vs Taser - What's the Difference?

Fundamentally the main difference is distance and the effects are more devastating when the span of the contact points are spread further. This is why personal Tasers tend to expand before actually hitting the intended target. They will also take the target down to the ground. This is because the current is moving throughout a large area of the body.

Generally speaking, it only takes seconds of contact for the above effects to happen, and when people have any stunning device used on them, then
they want to get away due to the pain. However, a stun gun is different than a taser gun in that the Taser, which is a Brand, shoots darts. Where as its counter part requires close proximity. It is interesting to note that a tazer has a stun gun feature built in as a back up in case the probes should miss.

Also a taser tends to not be as loud as a stun gun when fired in the air. This noise, caused by the ions in the air being charged, can actually scare most people, as well as animals. You don't want to discharge it into the air for more than a second as the unit may become damaged if it is fired for longer times, this is something you want to keep in mind.

How a Stun Gun Effects the Human Body

The muscles work very rapidly when the current is in the body, and in order to protect against the pain, the body usually stiffens up. This also leads to blood sugar being depleted from the body and the sugar is converted to lactic acid. This eventually builds up and then the person who was struck by the device end up losing control of their body.

When you use a stun gun on someone, you will not hear any loud zapping discharge, and this is because the energy is being discharged into the assailant's body. The continuous firing into the assailant won't lead to the stun gun becoming damaged.

Why Stun Guns Work, Voltage vs Amperage

At first glance, a stun gun's voltage may seem high, but when it comes to causing damage or death, it's the amps that matter the most. We sell devices that are less-than-lethal, which means our products are designed to cause a little bit of pain in order for you to gain control, and they are not designed to kill someone. Our stun guns deliver around 3-4 milli-amps, while a lethal stun gun needs at least one amp of power, so we sell products that are below the amperage that could cause serious damage to someone.

How Do Stun Guns Generate High Voltage?

Various power sources are used by stun guns. Some models use 9 volt batteries, while others use NI Can rechargeable batteries. There are smaller models that use only 3 volt lithium batteries that may have a shelf life of up to 10 years. Through circuitry voltage is amplified. The higher the voltage the more arc and loader the sound when the ions are charged in the air.

When it comes to resisting attack, stun guns are considered to be reasonable force. They can be used on many occasions that call for warding off attackers. They can last for a longtime before they need to be recharged, and there is no shock-back, which is a bonus.

Can a stun gun kill someone?

Not if used in accordance with there design, which is to be non-lethal. With that being said when deploying an ECD (Electronic Control Device), like a taser or stun gun, you must be aware that they're not toys and should be considered dangerous. As we discussed above, it is the amps not the voltage that kills, but long exposure to the voltage could be damaging. This is why you should only apply the device during an attack and only long enough to escape safely. Following the manufactures recommended usage and practicing safe ways to use them will ensure your safety and that of others.

Are Stun Guns Legal in all 50 States?

No, Stun guns are restricted in some states and cities. The interesting thing is that stun guns are defined as non lethal self defense devices and simply immobilize an assailant. Some states classify them with firearms and regulate them the same way. Others restrict felons from owning a them. There are only a few states that have marked stun guns as illegal and with the push for 2nd Amendment rights this may change in the future. Keep up on current and future stun gun laws and restriction by clicking here.

Which stun gun brand is the best?

The one that best suits your needs and desires. Beyond that you can rest assured that every brand that you find here at Security Defense Weapons has been proven and thoroughly tested over time and time again via a multitude of users and experts. Many of our brands have been around and proven for over 10 years and they are backed by lifetime warranties and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

What are the Best Stun Guns for Women?

The answer is simple, the one that she will carry and use. Many manufactures have produced models specially designed for a woman. While this is often in color, like stun guns that are pink, it is not the only design specific for women. Other benefits include easy concealment and carry, such as Stun Guns that look like lipstick.

What types of Stun guns are there?

If you have spent any time searching for stun guns the you have seen many different model types out there. Finding the right one for your is decided by need and personal preference. The most common on the market today are:

  1. Small Stun Guns: Often referred to as compact or mini stun guns, designed to for easy carry in your a purse or your pocket.
  2. Flashlight Stun Gun Combo: These combine the protection and safety of two items a flashlight, which can be used to blind an attacker, and the use of a stunning device. Protection from attackers and the ability to light your way, a win, win!
  3. Stun Batons: These batons or (long sticks) have a built in stun gun allowing to keep your distance while shocking an attacker. There second function is to be used as a normal baton. Often a favorite among security personnel.
  4. Hidden Stun Guns: Stun guns that look like ordinary everyday objects, such as the lipstick stun gun or the smart phone stun gun.

How much are Stun Guns?

Just like any other item you purchase, pricing will vary greatly depending on what your needs and desires are. Since all the models we carry have been tested and verified for quality and performance you simply have to find one that fits your needs and budget. Whether opting for a small unit or a bigger model they will be powerful enough to allow you to defend yourself. And while it is true that you often get what you pay for the pricing variations of our models are in the features not in the quality. This is why we stand behind all our stun devices with a 100% Guarantee, on top of that most of our manufactures offer lifetime warranties.