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Do Pink Stun Guns Work?

Let's examine the value of the pink stun guns for sale in today's market place. I'm frequently questioned regarding what stun guns really do. It's a very popular question and it's usually women who are asking, although men use them as well. To start with, never judge a pink taser gun by its color. All stunner's work on the premise that they will give the would-be attacker a shock that they won't soon forget. However, those whom use them, have found that a pink stun gun is a very powerful tool.

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How does a Pink Taser Gun work?

Stun guns work by using a high voltage and low amperage that when activated will give the person quite the jolt for several minutes. Powered by batteries or a rechargeable, they work very well. Stun guns have a range of 100,000 to a few million volts of power. The stun gun dumps energy into muscles and renders the person unable to control their muscles thus they can't run after you or even control their limbs for a short period of time. 

As the muscles move involuntarily, they deplete the person's blood sugars converting it into lactic acid. The person can't produce energy and they can't control how their muscles work. The stun gun also interrupts the neurology impulses that help to control how their muscles move. As the person is zapped with the stun gun, they lose control of muscle movement. You can still use the stun gun, even if the attacker is touching you. The current won't pass through their body into your body.

Can you get a Pink Stun Gun with a Flashlight?

Pink Stun Guns for SaleThere are a variety of features that stun guns offer. You can find them with a disable pin that will disable the stun gun should a would-be attacker grab the stun gun from you. The disable pin is on a wristband and when the would-be attacker grabs the stun gun you simply pull the wristband removing the pin. The would-be attacker will then try to use the stun gun to no avail. It won't work without the pin. They also offer other features like:

  1. Flashlights
  2. Red Flashing Emergency Lights
  3. Personal Alarms
  4. Holsters

All of these features are ideal to have in one unit.

When you Buy a Pink Taser, Which Brand is best?

One of the largest manufacturers of stun guns is Stun Master Stun Guns. They offer multi-function features on all of their stun gun models. Plus, they are rechargeable and deliver powerfully millions of volts when deployed. 

The Runt and Li'l guy are the smallest of the Pink Stun Guns. It's one of my favorites. It's small but mighty. It can deliver a 4.5 million volt jolt to any would-be attacker. It's easy to conceal in a pocket, purse or the palm of your hand. They also come in black so the guys aren't stuck with a pink girly stun gun. Remember, color doesn't matter. Personal protection is what matters. Don't be caught without a stun gun, it may just save your life.

Do Guys Really Love Rosey Colored Stun Guns, Too?

Yes, that title may be rather surprising, however, it's true. Many men choose pink stun guns. "Why?", you may ask because they love their ladies and want them to be safe. It's a simple matter of fact that men want to protect their women no matter how they do it. One way of showing your love is to do whatever you can to protect the other person. 

Have you ever seen a 6-year-old boy try to "save" their mom from a huge spider? They want to be her hero. They take this into adulthood and want to protect. Of course, mom could've killed the spider on her own, but, allowing her little boy to do it for her gives him a sense of importance and protection. Boys who are allowed to "protect" mom grow up to protect their women. They want to be the protector. 

Why Buy a Stun Gun for the Woman in your Life?

That's not to say that women are helpless, just that sometimes it's important to allow the men (or in this case boys) to protect them and acknowledge that women are the weaker of the two. Even women who are highly trained in martial arts or self-defense aren't invincible. Most of them don't have the same upper body strength that their male counterparts have. Thus, they learn to rely on other reliable methods to protect themselves.

For this reason, women should use self-defense weapons as they are able. It's also a great reason for men to buy pink stun guns. They can give them to their wives and daughters.

Frequently, men will want to buy a stun gun or pepper spray but they listen to the women who say they don't need one. Don't listen to this men, she needs one. She may spend a fortune shopping but she won't buy a stun gun. To men, this is a rejection in their protection. He gives in because he wants to make her happy. Don't give in, buy that stun gun. Stress to her the importance of her personal safety. Many men choose not to buy them in fear that she'll use it against him. Hm, makes you wonder just what sort of relationship they have. 

Why use a Taser Guns for Personal Protection?

Of course, the ultimate responsibility is to protect yourself if you're alone. It doesn't matter if your single or married if someone tries to attack you and you're alone, you need something. Even if you're man or dad is an expert shot, if you're not with that person, you need protection in some form. 

Always carry your stun gun or self-defense product with you. It doesn't have to be sparkling or pink, it can be any color. It just has to be very effective at protecting you. There are a wide array of self-defense products on the market today that are all designed with women in mind.

What is the Best Stun Gun for a Woman?

Stun guns are an ideal choice for a non-lethal self-defense weapon for women who want to protect themselves from would-be attackers that want to rape them or mug them. Women have many options that will look ladylike and not masculine. They are streamlined and easy to conceal. There are so many models to choose from that she may wish to own more than one. Ideal for self-protection she'll appreciate the thought. 

Stun guns that are for women differ slightly in their:

  1. Appearance
  2. Color
  3. Voltage
  4. Size
  5. Price
  6. Features and Accessories

- Is High Voltage importantant in a Stunning Device?

Obviously, the most important features is performance. Women need a stun gun that will work when they need it. It should generate a high voltage of power that will zap a would-be attacker with at least 4.5 million volts. This will penetrate the would-be attacker's clothing and stop them in their tracks. 

- Are Smaller Sized Non-Leathal Weapons better for Women?

Typically, women's hands are smaller than their male counterparts. Stun guns that are designed for women tend to be smaller in size to fit those smaller hands. They are designed for women to easily grasp and conceal in their hands. 

- Are there other Colors of Stun guns Available?

Women aren't limited to black in their color options. Stun guns come in a variety of colors and designs to match their wardrobes (something every woman tries to do). Protection is now available in a variety of colors including pink. Remember, just because it's pink doesn't make it any less effective. The color has nothing to do with how effective it is.

Cell Phone and Lipstick Stun Guns

Pink Lipstick Stun Guns

Many don't even look like a stun gun. They are disguised as an everyday item that women carry in their purses. There are fake cell phone designs and designs that appear to be a tube of lipstick. Both are equally as powerful as one that looks just like a stun gun. Attackers won't expect this from a cell phone or a lipstick so the woman already has the upper advantage. 

- Safety

Many people wonder if it's safe for women to use stun guns. The answer is a resounding "Yes". With safety switches, disable pins and other safety features it's very safe. A woman can readily disable her stun gun if it's taken from her and it won't be able to be used on her. If an assailant took a gun from her he could use that on her. Stun guns are far safer. 

This is an effective means of non-lethal self-defense and anyone can use them. If you've held back on getting one because you didn't like the design, look again, there's a design for everyone. From cell phone models to lipstick models they are just as powerful and work well. They can give a woman the confidence to walk down the street. 

It's important to defend yourself in this day and age. People are more aggressive and will attack all too frequently. This is an affordable, non-lethal means to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Pink Is the New Black: Top Pink Stun Guns for Women

Pink used to be used exclusively for women. Today, it's universal. It used to be considered girly, however, now it shows that women can fight back. For this reason, stun guns are now manufactured in pink and other girly looking appearances. They are just as powerful and women don't have to be mindless victims. They can rely on their stun guns and self-defense just like men can. 

There are a variety of models available on the market today in pink. You can protect yourself and still be feminine. Choose from a variety of options and personalize your self-defense. Choose from one of the pink stun guns for sale below and learn how to use it before you need it. This just may save your life.