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Li'l Guy

Get Your Hands on the Little Guy Stun Gun, the smallest around!

The Li’l Guy pocket stun gun is one of the best women’s non-lethal self defense weapon on the market. Women today are concerned about their safety and it is one of their primary worries. Li'l Guy mini stun guns are small devices, women can easily carry them wherever they go, and this is because they are compact in size. It's important for women to have some form of self-defense device, which can protect them from thieves, violent criminals, rapists and more. 

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Where can I buy a little Stun Gun near me?

Look no further than our selection of small stun guns, which are great to use for personal protection or to give as gifts to any women you know. We have many Stun Master Li'l Guy Small Stun Guns for sale.

However, we advise you to order your stun gun as soon as possible because of the limited time pricing. This means if you buy now, then you could end up saving yourself quite a bit of money, so browse our selection and buy the device you like the most.

Do Small, Petite Stun Guns Really Work?

The truth is that even the smallest of stun guns work and they work just as good as the big ones do. The small and powerful Li’l Guy stun guns are not lethal, but they will cause an attacker a lot of pain and they will lose their balance. The stun gun will leave them immobile for 20-30 minutes, and while your attacker is immobilized, you can make your escape and call the police for help.

This Li'l Guy can fit right right into your pocket or you can place it inside your purse, and remember that even though it is small enough to fit in your pocket, it is still powerful. It has a 12 million volts capacity, which means you will leave your attacker stunned and dazed. Don't worry about causing permanent damage to an attacker because the stun gun will not lead to permanent damage, and this is thanks to it running on low voltage.

Is the Li'l Guy the Best Small Stun Gun for Women?

Lil'l Guy are the best small stun guns for ladies, and they are designed to be easy to carry around, easy to grip and they are designed to be handy and easy to use. Women love these small devices because they are available in various colors and patterns, and they are disguised and they are not easily recognizable as being a stun gun. At nighttime, a woman can pull this device out and use it on an attacker, and then make their escape when their attacker becomes immobilized.

Women have many options to choose from, and one of those options includes the Stun Master Li'l Guy Flower Stun Gun. You can add this stun gun to your collection, and you can rest assure you can use it to keep you safe. The product's flower print looks great and the print hides the device's true identity, which means an assailant will not know what it is you're carrying, but you can rest assure that the device will ruin whatever plans they were going to carry out.

Is the Li'l Guy also the Smallest Stun Gun Flashlight Combo?

Yes, the stun gun is not only small, but also features a bright LED flashlight. This can come in handy if you're walking along dimly lit sidewalks. There is also a safety switch, which means you won't have to worry about accidental shocking someone who does not deserve to be shocked. Nowadays, small flashlight stun guns are popular, and they are available in various looks, as well as voltages. In fact, it's worth pointing out that you can buy a leatherette holster to go with your flower print stun gun. If you don't want to buy the leatherette holster, then don't worry because it does come with a holster.