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Why Is It a Good Idea to Purchase Lipstick Stun Guns?

Lipstick stun guns are ideal for women who want to have added protection without making it obvious that they have something that could potentially be used as a weapon to fight off someone who is causing harm to them or trying to cause harm to them.

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Get Protection When You Need It!

As a woman, there are times when you may find yourself dealing with people who are harassing you while you’re on the street, whether you’re walking down your block or hanging out at the mall with friends. While many of these people may be harmless, you simply never know when someone could try to attack you and it’s better to be prepared for what could happen than to end up getting hurt because of someone else.

By purchasing a lipstick stun gun, you can get protection when you need it, regardless of where you may be. Because the stun gun is small, compact, and made to look like a tube of lipstick, it’s something you can carry around with you just about anywhere, whether you’re going shopping, coming home from work, or even traveling by bus to visit with friends. Play it safe and keep one of the lipstick stun guns in your purse or pocket at all times because it just might come in handy for you at some point.

Stay Safe While Jogging Alone

Do you like to go jogging alone on the trails? Although it may be quite peaceful and relaxing for you to go on jogs, there is always that possibility that someone could try to attack you. It’s not to scare you from doing something you love – it’s simply about making sure you have a way to protect yourself in the event that you end up getting attacked by someone. You’ve probably heard stories about women who were attacked at random by men who were hiding out in bushes when they were jogging.

Despite hearing this, you may still prefer jogging because it’s a great way to exercise and relieve stress. You shouldn’t have to stop jogging because you’re afraid that someone could be hiding out in the bushes or behind a tree. Rather than being scared, simply bring a lipstick stun gun with you for your run. If anyone were to even attempt to grab you, you’d be able to pull the stun gun out and quickly shock the person, giving yourself extra time to get away before that person has a minute to cause any serious bodily harm to you.

Keep It in Your Purse When Traveling at Night

Do you have to travel at night from your job to your home? If you don’t have a car, you may rely on public transportation, which means other people could end up on the bus or train with you. If you need to walk a few blocks after getting off the bus or train, there are times when you may feel a bit afraid because you just never know what could happen, especially when it’s so dark outside. In that case, the best thing to do is carry the lipstick stun gun in your hands for security purposes.

You may feel a lot better knowing you have something that can protect you from someone who could try to cause serious harm to you. If you don’t feel comfortable using a gun or a knife, the lipstick stun gun is the perfect solution. It’s compact and looks just like a tube of lipstick, but it’s powerful enough to shock someone who gets a bit too close for comfort. Lipstick stun guns are security items you should always carry around with you.