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Introducing: The TASER Pulse for Sale!

TASER PULSEWe are excited to be offering this new TASER for sale in our line-up of non-lethal weapons. The Taser Pulse is sub-compact and it is the smallest TASER weapon ever created. It is a great option for citizens who need a form of personal protection. This weapon can fire from up to 15 feet away.

This weapon is very small, which means you can easily fit it in a purse. As you know, TASER is a leader in providing private citizens with protection. The TASER Pulse is a good and safe option to go with when you want protection.

Buy the TASER Pulse!

If you need protection, but you don't want to own a lethal weapon, then consider buying the TASER Pulse because it will provide you with the power you need to protect yourself and it won't do serious damage to an attacker, but it will knock your attacker to the ground and keep them there while you make your escape.

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The TASER Pulse is the first weapon of its kind. You can discreetly carry it around, and this product is the first updated TASER model in years. The TASER was created in the early 90s. It was created for the purpose of creating personal protection technology. Since the company was founded, more than 200,000 TASER devices were sold to citizens throughout the United States. The main focus was to improve public safety via law enforcement.

The brand's core mission is to help people protect themselves, and the TASER Pulse's debut is a re-commitment of that mission. TASER Pulse is easy to use and it was built to be concealed and carried around, but don't let that fool you because it is very powerful and it is the standard for law enforcement around the globe. All Americans should have a safety plan set in place and this is why Americans should purchase the TASER Pulse.

The product uses state-of-the-art technology, but in sub-compact form. TASER Pulse was created for those who want protection in the form of a small weapon. Some of the improvements that were made to the TASER Pulse include shaved safeties, a high visibility flashlight and targeting laser.

How much does the Taser Pulse Cost?

The TASER Pulse has an introductory price tag of $399. It also uses Shaped Pulse, and it has the ability to knockdown those who it is used on. If you use the TASER Pulse on someone, then the chances are they will get knocked down.

When it comes to top of the line self-defense products, the TASER Pulse is right near the top of the list. We have a lot of confidence in the team and brand, and this is why we highly recommend the TASER Pulse. The improvements provide citizens with a safe and responsible way to protect themselves in the event they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

How Does the Taser Pulse Work?

The TASER Pulse, a battery pack, a target and two cartridges, as well as a protective covering are all included in the TASER Pulse package. The product has a range of up to 15 feet and it features yellow accents, which means it can be identified as a weapon that is not that lethal. Furthermore, it is easy to aim because it has LASER assisted target acquisition.

The TASER Pulse is comfortable to carry and it has an LED flashlight, which allows you to identify the attacker when it's dark out or if you're in a dimly lit area. As previously mentioned, it has knockout power and thousands of law enforcement agencies use the same power that the TASER Pulse uses. When you use the product, you will have time to make a safe escape because it has 30-seconds of output.

The TASER Pulse is powerful and you can use it from up to 15 feet away, and you can place it on the ground and run. Your attacker will be immobilized for 30 seconds, and this gives you plenty of time to escape. Don't worry about leaving the device behind because it can easily be replaced, and you don't want to waste time picking it up if you drop it after using it on an attacker because every second counts when it comes to making your escape.