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TASER X2 Defender Review

We are very excited to offer the Taser X2 Defender for sale. It is among the least-lethal models of conducted electrical weapons (CEW) that law enforcement agencies use as well as civilians for self-defense purposes.  Taser International, Inc. created it in 2011 after its X26 popular model.  Unlike earlier CEWs, the X2 Defender is a semi-automatic and able to shoot two cartridges. Let us know if you have any questions. Read More about this dual shot Taser below.


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How the Taser X2 Works

The X2 Defense is a kind of projectile weapon that fires two electrically charged probes.  These probes pierce through the target's clothing, which creates neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI) in the target's body.  As many as two replaceable cartridges can be held by the X2, with two probes held in each.  There is a circuit board in each of the "Smart Cartridges" that activates the cartridge so that it shoots the two probes out using gas pressure when it receives a signal.

The X2 Defender's main function, unlike earlier CEWS, doesn't operate under the pain compliance principle.  That means that even individuals with high pain tolerance will be unable to resist the CEW's effects.  However, there is also a backup function if that doesn't work.  There is a Drive-Stun mode that is enabled where the electric current forces the target to physically submit and does follow the pain compliance principle.  

The X2 is used similar to how a handheld pistol is.  The designs on both of them are similar, with similar features such as aiming sights, a safety lock and trigger.  

Taser X2 Safety

The X2 Defender has a 600 ohm test load and applies variable voltage which peaks at around 2000V, which corresponds to a 3.3A peak current.  Its 50kV specification is widely-quoted and open circuit voltage.  It isn't applied to a target that is in use.  The electric current last 5 seconds maximum to ensure safe handling for each activation. It may be equipped with a data recorder and video camera.   

It has a powerful enough electrical circuit to disrupt a target's motor and sensory nerves, but engineers have still deemed it to be safe.

Taser X2 Features and Functions

There are numerous features and functions on the X2.  The basic features and functions help users in its operation.  They include dual aiming lasers, a warning arc, self-diagnostics, battery indications, extended battery life, central information display (CID) and flashlight.

If a camera is added to the X2, it can be linked as well to Evidence.com.  Your camera videos are captured by the site for evidence when you utilize the X2.  The user is shown everything by the CID, including the amount of battery life remaining, the mode the CEW is currently in, and which of the cartridges is activated.   

On the front part of the X2 the warning arc displays a warning of electricity.  When the ARC switch is held it activates the warning arc, which is used mainly for convincing a suspect to withdraw so that the cartridge does not have to actually be deployed.  It has been found that the X2 is especially useful whenever a user misses, since the second shot is the backup at all times, allowing the electrical circuit to be completed if the target isn't hit by the probe.

X2 Defender Specifications:

The effective range of the X2 Defender is 4.6 meters (15 feet).  Its storage and operating temperature range is -4 degrees F (-20 degrees C) to 122 degrees F (50 degrees C).  The dimensions of the X2 Defender with its battery pack (L x W x H) is 7.8 inches (19.8 cm) x 1.7 inches (4.3 cm) x 4.2 inches (10.7 cm).  Two full battery cartridges come with it and it weighs 454 grams.