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Taser X2

What is the TASER X26P?

This is your guide to answering the question, "What is the TASER X26?" If you're interested in TASER's line of smart weapons, you'll definitely want to take a closer look at the TASER® X26P™. This CEW, or Conducted Electrical Weapon, is the line's newest innovation. This product is able to use the same kind of TASER cartridge as the X26 does, but it also offers a number of new safety features and other enhancements.

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Law enforcement officers should feel comfortable with the X26P right away. It's similar enough to the X26 to feel familiar, but it has all sorts of new benefits. The ergonomics are improved, the device is now weatherproof, and it has a number of Smart features. This Smart tech provides more data and analytics, and enhances the overall safety and performance of the device. In addition, the device is even more reliable and durable than its predecessor.

TASER® listened to requests from their customers, and took full advantage of the technological advancements of the last decade. They teamed up with top-of-the-line researchers to create a world class product.

TASER® knows that their customers are responsible for their success, and they appreciate their feedback. Because of this feedback, they know a lot of people want a single shot device that's like the X26 in a lot of ways. However, these people didn't want to have to train themselves with a new device or have to change the cartridges they used.

During TASER's testing, they learned that many people loved the improvements they made with the X2 model, but preferred the form of the X26. Even though the X26 was TASER's most popular device, it hadn't been revamped in almost 10 years. Thankfully, the TASER® X26P has changed all that.

Now, everyone can appreciate what made the original TASER® X26c great. The X26P mixed modern convenience with classic design. It's an easy device to use, and it's a device that both civilians and law officers can trust.

Behind TASER X26P's Smart Technology

This device features a solid state architecture that's completely digital. It uses Charge Metering to maximize the effectiveness of the device while still keeping it completely safe. It also provides detailed logs. Every action a user takes is recorded, from safety activation to dates to trigger duration to battery life. Users can even see a detailed record of its charge output.

It's compatible with the TASER CAM HD recorder, the Performance Power Magazine and Automatic Performance Power Magazine, and users can receive firmware updates online. The X26P is also able to integrate with evidence.com, just like other Smart CEWs. This makes it easier to analyze and manage evidence data.

How the Device Has Improved

The device now features IPX2 rated weatherproofing, which makes it resistant to both rain and humidity. It also includes an improved version of the XPPM, or extended Performance Power Magazine. The grip on the handle has been extended, and the additional cartridge location has been improved. Of course, the X26P is also backed by TASER'S top-of-the-line support and product warranty.

Getting More Value with the TASER X26P

The X26P has an improved power magazine, which greatly improves the battery performance. The battery should last twice as long as the original X26's did. It's priced at $1,199.95, making it an excellent value. There are also a wide range of magazine options sold separately, allowing you to customize your device as desired.