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Bug Detectors

Could Detecting Electronic Bugs Help to Protect Your Privacy?

Electronic Bug Detectors Analyzing Your Space to Keep it Private!

If you are in public at all, you can pretty much expect that you are going to be on camera. Small stores, banks, markets, banks and more all have surveillance cameras to add a level of protection. Closed circuit TV surveillance is something that has grown a great deal in the past ten years and this is a growth that shows no sign of stopping.

However, the cameras that are used for surveillance can be used for much more than public spaces. There can also be a number of private areas, including showers, changing rooms and hotels that will have spy cameras that could be watching you.

While such illegal activities are not allowed, not everyone is going to obey the rules. There can be a lot of people who will end up spying on you in some private areas without even taking your rights into consideration. In these cases, a spy bug detector can help to protect you from the chances of getting caught on hidden camera.

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What Makes Bug Detector Devices So Useful?

Bug detectors are actually an anti-surveillance device that can be used to capture a variety of gadgets used for spying in any given area. These detectors can come in a number of shapes and sizes while offering a variety of functions. Smaller bug detectors could be used to detect audio bugs that are in or around phones, while larger bug detectors can track spy cameras, audio equipment, measure the size of a briefcase and more. Of course, the larger detectors are also going to come with a larger price tack.

Any bug detector that is more technologically advanced will allow you to look for any bugs that are located in a room. They can also take on the RF signal and then display exactly what the spy camera is looking at. If CCTV cameras do not use signal encoding, the detectors can easily display the view of the wireless camera.

How Do These Bug Detectors Work?

A wireless device, such as a spy camera or your own computer network, will work by sending out radio signals from one location to the next. These signals are referred to as RF or radio frequency. The devices use RF signals as a way to communicate with receivers. Detectors can simply scan the whole office or room for any radio signals and then report it back to you if anything is found.

If you are doing surveillance in your house, turning off some of the wireless devices will be a good idea as it can give you the opportunity to easily track and spot any spy cameras or bugs that may be present.

What is their Range Of Frequency?

A bug detector will operate in either 2GHz or 3GHz range. Most of the spy devices will operate within this range as well, so there will not be a lot of issues when spotting a bug that is within this range. There can be more sophisticated spies that will switch up the frequency to a higher level, between 4 and 6. This will make it so that a common bug will not be able to catch on to any of the frequencies, yet a more advanced model will do the job. There are a lot of powerful detectors that are used by police or private investigators that can work to detect signals all the way up to 9GHz. They will cost more, but these detectors have the ability to spot bugs in just about any room without issue.

Can The Surveillance Bugs Spot The Wired CCTV Cameras?

A lot of bug detectors are able to find most of the wireless devices that are using RF signals, like a wireless phone bug, blue tooth spy cam or a mini camera. However, detecting the hard wired cameras is a bit trickier as they are not using radio frequency signals for the transmission of data. However, the most powerful tracking devices will be able to find any sort of wired cameras that are in the area.