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Dome Cameras

Learn Why Dome Cameras Are So Poplular?

Dome Cameras Are Popular Surveillance Tools

Why dome cameras? because it's a Perennially Popular Security Choice. In the modern world of security, the dome camera has rightfully earned a place as a reliable go-to in nearly any surveillance set-up. Their sleek, unobtrusive design can be integrated into any sort of decor, and they are easy to install, operate, and maintain. Most small businesses find dome cameras ideal for their surveillance needs. Before you finish making all of your security decisions, though, you should learn a little more to make sure that dome cameras are right for your needs.

How Do Dome Cameras Work?

As should be obvious from their name, the distinguishing feature of dome cameras is their featureless dark optic shell. These cameras are typically installed in commercial security systems, although they are also compatible with residential uses. Common dome camera operators include retail outlets, malls, hotels, and industrial facilities.

The Advantages Of Dome Cameras

Because a dome camera may contain almost any sort of camera hardware, the distinguishing features that unite this entire class are mainly concerned with the featureless dome that surrounds them. The most important job the camera dome does is obscuring the camera beneath it. It impossible for anyone below the camera to tell what direction it is pointing -- or, in fact, if it's even operational. This gives dome cameras a powerful deterrent effect.

Again, What are dome security cameras?

  1. Resisting Vandalism: Many (but not all) dome cameras are mounted in vandal-proof cases. This renders such cameras impervious to malicious access and makes them very hard for dedicated thieves to disable. Most dome cameras also provide an excellent degree of climate protection to the sensitive surveillance equipment inside.
  2. Camera Mobility: Dome installations are ideally suited for cameras equipped with active control features that allow for tracking, tilting, and zooming. This allows them to be even more useful when integrated into an active surveillance system.
  3. 24-Hour Surveillance: The vast majority of dome cameras are equipped for round-the-clock surveillance, making them ideal for security coverage at any time. Many models will switch automatically between color, black-and-white, and low-light recording to ensure the best possible picture quality.

Will Dome Cameras Meet Your Needs?

If you've determined that dome cameras are ideal for your security system, you should take the time to research the many different models available. Your specific needs are going to vary based on the layout of your home or business, the level of surveillance you desire, and a host of other factors.

Dome cameras can be mounted on walls or ceilings. The cheapest models will provide a fixed field of view; if you require pan, tilt, and zoom control (commonly called PTZ) you'll need to pay extra. An armored, vandal-proof dome will also cost more. As long as you take the time to learn about the different products available to you and make your selections with care, dome cameras can play a highly effective role in your security setup.

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