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Trigger Stun Gun Flashlight Combo Low Cost - Red

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The discounted red Trigger Stun Gun with LED Flashlight has a rubberized grip a built-in charger and a disabling pin so if it were ever taken away from you in a confrontation it couldn't be used against you. This stunning device is rated at 18 million volts with 4.8 mill-amps of power enough to take down a threat.

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Detailed Description

Why you should I buy this Red Trigger Stun Gun?

We are really excited about it's new design because it's more intuitive and easier to use in a potentially threatening situation like most other stun guns the trigger has a safety switch, you slide it up halfway and you get a bright LED light. Slide it up all the way takes it off safety. What's unique about this design is that instead of having to press a button to activate it all you do is press the trigger. The Trigger Stun Gun by Safety Technology is one of our best-selling items and its cheap too! It's available in seven different colors.

How Do use this Trigger Brand flashlight stun gun?

Place the strap on your wrist, that's really important, there's a button up here halfway for the flashlight, it's nice and bright. Then slide the button all the way up and you get a stun gun. All that is required is to squeeze this trigger and then if the bad guy takes it away it's disarmed because the safety pin is attached to the strap so I can't take that away from you and hurt you with it plug it back in it's armed again and then to charge it up you just plug that slide that up plug that into the wall overnight and that charge will last you about three months

What are the specification of the Red trigger stunning device?

The Red Trigger Stun Gun Comes With: 

  1. Color: RED
  2. Wrist strap
  3. Disabling pin
  4. Built-in Recharger
  5. Rubberized Coating
  6. 4.8 miliamps of Stopping Power
  7. Super Bright 100 lumen Flashlight
  8. Measurements: 4 5/8" x 1 3/4" x 7/8"

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  2. Blue
  3. Pink
  4. Purple
  5. Green
  6. Zebra

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