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Vampire Pepper Spray

Vampire Self Defense with Pepper Spray and GarlicSelf Defense against Vampires can be as important to some as self defense against humans. So, we have created this guide to several different self defense deterrents against vampires. We even offer a solution at the bottom of the page that will protect you against both human and vampiric foes. 

Similar to their human counterparts, vampires are individual beings with unique tastes and preferences. While they are part of the undead, they do not lose their sense of human consciousness upon transformation as is the case with zombies. Of course, their preferences will alter as time passes; however, certain likes and dislikes from their human life will transcend their change from the living to the undead.

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In addition to maintaining their unique tastes, vampires show a second similarity to humans in their negative reactions to specific natural substances. As humans are irritated by the chemical Urushiol located in hot peppers, vampires can be affected by other essential substances containing similar chemicals or natural compounds. Direct contact with small amounts of the substance or merely exposure to aroma of the irritant is able to repel the vampire; however, direct contact with larger amounts can result in serious injury.

Repel Vampires

Vampires do have negative reactions to specific natural elements, such as silver, sunlight, and fire. In fact, the reaction is so severe that it can result in elimination or death of the vampire. These elements do not fall in the category of repellents as they are lethal to the creature, whereas repellents are merely chemicals which can cause discomfort to the vampire.

The most famous form of repellent is garlic. It is beneficial to humans as it is a natural opponent to all forms of bacteria which is a crucial item in vampire blood. By using garlic, even from a far distance with the smell, it is possible to remove vampires from any situation.

An interesting fact regarding defense against vampires is that all substances causing irritation to vampires are identical to the irritants for other blood-sucking creatures, such as the mosquito. While the two species are not related in any way possible, there is an underlying connection regarding the items which can cause negative reactions among these blood-suckers. This means that they tend to be irritated and repelled by similar natural chemicals.

What are the chemicals repelling both mosquitoes and vampires? There are numerous, but the most common and effective plants to be used include peppermint, cloves, cinnamon, and rosemary. Lemon is a highly efficient choice if looking for a vampire repellent due to the acidity; furthermore, anything related to the lemon tree can be useful as an irritant, such as the lemon eucalyptus plant and citronella. The less effective options will include cedar, pine, lavender, geranium, thyme, and basil.

While it is common belief that the above chemicals are most effective as repellants when crushed and combined with oil to make a 'perfume' of sorts, it is seen that the pepper spray is far more beneficial. Our Vampire Repellent spray has been created using natural chemicals with added garlic as a means of repelling vampires. Not only does it deter the blood-suckers, but it will also repel all humans and Redfield's.