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Stainless Steel Wire Saw Survival Tool

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If you’re looking for a lightweight yet tough Wire Survival Saw for sale, look no further. The 21″ stainless steel multi-strand cutting wire has swivel points for easy handling. Even a lightweight backpacker shouldn’t skip adding this to his or her pack.  It cuts through logs and branches with ease and is Ideal for a number of survival uses. The wire saw is lightweight and coils to fit into small pockets and it's made out of Stainless steel.

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Detailed Description

What is a Wire Saw and why is it an Important Survival Tool?

Wire Saw

Wire survival saws are designed to serve many purposes. However, when buying this kind of equipment, it is advisable that you emphasize more on the quality of the product. Moreover, you also need to understand that there are different types of wire saws available in the market, which is why you might want to choose a brand that is reliable for doing various tasks.

Some wire saws are easy to use, while others are difficult to handle and you are required to attach them to a piece of wood before you can start using them. This type of survival wire saw is designed with a saw cable, which allows you to attach the saw to a piece of wood. If the saw does not fit properly, you can loosen the thumb screws and adjust the wire saw to the level you want.

The reason why wire saws are attached to a flexible piece of wood is to prevent kinking and also to get the correct tension. However, you also need to acknowledge the fact that some wire saws are designed with a permanent cable and cannot be changed.

There are various brands available today that specialize in this particular product, but only a few have managed to create quality wire saws with powerful cutting edges. Moreover, you also need to understand that wire saws do not work the same. Some can be used to cut through tough materials such as wood, while wire saw for trees can be used to do simple tasks such as cutting branches.

How do you Use a Wire Cutting Saw?

Choosing the right wire survival saw can help you get the job done within a short period. Furthermore, using a reliable wire saw will save you time and energy. Even though there are other tools you can use to cut wood such as serrated table knife, none of them can last longer than a wire saw.

Below is an excellent survival wire saw video... 

When To Use A Wire Saw Survival Tool?

When spending time outdoors camping or hunting, you can use a wire saw to cut down branches. Another benefit of using a wire saw is that you can attach a Paracord to this tool and use it to cut branches that are too high for your you reach. All you need to do is toss the wire saw over the limb you want to cut and grab both ends after that make sure that the wire saw is positioned at the center and start sawing.

When choosing emergency gear or survival gear, make sure that the equipment you choose is user-friendly. Furthermore, you also need to understand that some tools can be used to perform various tasks, which gives you the privilege of covering more work using a single tool. Such tools may be reliable for doing various tasks, but they are also expensive. However, when choosing such tools make sure that you consider other factors such as weight and also the size.

Survival kits are easy to find and can be purchased from various stores. When searching for a survival wire saw, make sure that you compare the price of this product from different retailers. Furthermore, make sure that the saw you choose is of high-quality standard and durable.

Wire saws do not measure the same weight, which is why it is advisable that you choose a survival wire saw that is not heavy and easy to carry. Moreover, you also need to understand that some wire saws have a long blade while others have a short one, making them easy to carry in your pocket.

Are there other uses for Survival Wire Saw Blades?

  1. Wire saws can be used to cut rubber tubing when repairing a garden hose. This is done to remove any rupture found on a radiator hose so that it can be reattached.
  2. This particular tool can also be sued to cut bone and also separate cartilage between joints. The reason why a wire saw is used in this field is that it can create rough cuts of meat. However, even though there are other tools you can use for this kind of work, wire saws have proved to be much more effective.
  3. You can also use this tool to cut through heavy cordage that is made from leather, vines, grasses and other tough materials.
  4. Besides being used to cut wood, you can also use this tool to cut light gauge metals. Most saws usually break or get too hot when used to cut metal and can only be used to cut light metals such as copper and aluminum. However, with a wire saw, you can easy cut through tough metals without breaking or getting hot.
  5. A wire survival saw can also be used to cut PVC pipes or tubing. Cutting a PVC pipe using a knife is not easy. However, by using a wire saw you can easily cut the end caps of the PVC without having to use too much of your energy. Moreover, you can also use this particular tool to cut heavy plastics as well.
  6. You can also use a wire saw to open gallon plastic containers and plastic water bottles.
  7. When restrained by tape or zip ties, it becomes difficult to free yourself. However, by using a survival wire saw, you can easy cut tape, zip ties, and even rope without using any force. That is because a wire saw is flexible can easy fit in any position that you want before you start cutting.
  8. Survival wire saws are also used in automotive repair shops to cut out some section of rubber tires during emergencies.
  9. You can also use a wire saw to cut through nylon straps, leather, and even heavy canvas.
  10. A wire saw can also be used to cut food during outdoor activity such as camping and hunting.

The reason why you should not leave behind a survival wire saw during outdoor activity is because it is easy to carry and durable. Furthermore, it can be used to cut through tough materials such as wood and even metal.

The best time to carry a survival wire saw is when, hiking, hunting, and camping. That is because you can use this tool to cut pieces of wood which can be used to start a campfire. You can also use this tool during an emergency because it is small in size and easy to use.

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